Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Smart One? - Newt Gingrich: The Ascension of the Republican Messiah

"Newt Gingrich is what stupid people think an intellectual sounds like."

The above statement was my favorite viewer comment from the recent CNN Republican Debate that decidedly separated the warmongers and proponents of the police state from Ron Paul and John Huntsman. The majority of viewer comments from the debate indicate that Americans are waking up to a sense of their awful situation, and taking Ron Paul's message of peace seriously, in spite of the mainstream media's ignorance and excuses for his repeated successes in polls.

Lately, the media has been trying to convince us that Newt Gingrich is the smartest of the bunch. Well, he may not be as dumb as Herman Cain, who, during the last debate, had to continually be reminded of the question, and even where he was, or Michelle Bachman, who couldn't even pronounce the name of her country.* He's obviously smarter than Mitt Romney, who revealed that he knows nothing about constitutional government, and Rick Perry who seemed distracted by the pretty lights... but Newt is certainly not smarter than John Huntsman, and doesn't hold a camel to Ron Paul.

To Newt's credit, he proved that he can count to three, and demonstrated it a handful of times during the debate. He also established that he would perpetuate the failed policies of the past, and pledged to continue to empower the police state under the guise of national security.

The new-found contrived attention on Newt worries me a bit, and makes me wonder where his support is coming from.

I pay a lot of attention to body language because it says much more than the words coming out of the candidates' mouths, and I noticed something during the debate that may be significant to point out. While commenting on illegal Mexicans' rights in America, Newt posed in what I refer to as the messiah stance. I pointed it out to Mighty Mo, and predicted that we would likely see images in the news of Newt's messiah stance. The following day, Newt's messiah stance was featured prominently throughout the mainstream media.

Why is this significant?

This is the same messiah stance that convinced me that Bill Clinton would become the Democrat nominee early in the 1992 primary, and makes me wonder if maybe the GOP hasn't already anointed their candidate for 2012.

I can't imagine that the Republicans would nominate Mitt Romney, even if he knew what he was talking about. Most Americans, especially Christians, are far too bigoted to allow a Mormon to become the Republican nominee. Conservatives are happy to have a Mormon neighbor, and rely on their help mounting anti-gay rights campaigns, but aren't interested in one becoming their commander-in-chief. They'd prefer a good Christian, like Newt Gingrich, to be elected president. And at least if Gingrich loses the election, they'll rest well knowing that President Obama, a good Baptist, is in the White House, and that God is blessing America because the president is a true Christian.

* Ms. Bachman insists that the name of her country is the Uninded States of America.


gippy said...

I had a friend who claimed to know Mr. Gingrich. The news has taught me to never say anything through hearsay so I won't tell the story. But after what he told me I won't vote for him.

Dave said...

But Mitt is a Mormon! So that makes him a messiah in the state of Utah!

krmf said...

Dave, Utah is nothing compared to California or Texas, so even if every person in Utah voted for him, Utah only has 5 electoral votes which pales in comparison to California's 55 votes or Texas's 34 votes. If "Mormons" think of Mitt Romney as their candidate, it is because they believe he will represent their values. Also another reason Romney is popular in Utah is because he was in charge of the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. The games came off spectacularly.

Dave said...

Well there's your answer then!

Rhetro Zenberg said...

Dave, certainly not a messiah in the spiritual sense, but many Utahn's do look to Mitt as their political savior, in that they believe that he will fix the problems in Washington in the same way that he repaired the Utah Olympic financial fiasco a decade ago. In my opinion, if Romney were to become president, Mormons would ultimately be terribly embarrassed by his unconstitutional executive decisions.

Dave said...

Again there you go then!