Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Still Feelin' the Bern? or Just Feelin' Burned?

Bernie Sanders just endorsed his political rival, Hillary Clinton.

Now you have to make a choice. The media and establishment want you to think that you have to choose either a dog turd and a monkey turd. The fact is, you could choose a silver coin or a gold coin but the media establishment doesn't tell you about that option. Seriously though, you really don't have to choose either turd, (Clinton or Trump).
I'm going to pick the gold coin, Gary Johnson. He's the gold coin because he's the ONLY 3rd party candidate that will be on the ballot in ALL fifty states. He's also polling in double digits with almost zero media coverage. 

Jill Stein is the silver coin. She's a much better option to the two turds too BUT will not be on the ballot on all fifty states. That means that she can't win.

Gary Johnson, two term Governor of New Mexico, is the ONLY candidate with executive administrative experience. 

Bernie supporters will find that Johnson's positions on military interventionism, banks, equality and drug policy are in line with theirs.

Conservatives will identify with his sensible fiscal policy. 

We really do have a choice. A good choice.
Don't choose poop. You deserve better.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Magic Number Nine or What Part of Nine Don't You Underdtand? - Happy Blogue Day

9 is a fascinating number. Some say 9 is a magical number. One thing is certain, number 9 is full of surprises.

Any number that is multiplied by nine reduces back to 9 when the digits of the sum are added together.



9x582= 5238

and etc.

Take any number and add up its components, 523713 for example. 


subtract the sum, (21) from the original number, (523713).


You will always end up with the number nine, no matter what number you begin with.

Take any number, 70644 for example. Reverse the digits, (44607), and subtract the smaller from the larger number.


Again, you will always end up with the number nine, no matter what number you start with.

Take any three digit number with dis-similar first and last digits, 864 for example. Reverse the digits and subtract the smaller number from the larger.


The digit in the middle will always be nine and the other two numbers will always add up to nine. When all three numbers are added together, the sum will always be 9.


Large numbers that are divided by nine result in duplicate numbers.

1 million divided by 9 = 111,111
2 million divided by 9 = 222,222
3 million divided by 9 = 333,333
4 million divided by 9 = 444,444
5 million divided by 9 = 555,555
and etc.

And as if that isn't enough, check out this table of numbers.


Obviously, nine is profoundly significant and a fitting celebratory number for Zenberg Blogue's 9th birthday. 

9 times around the sun = 3285 days

I hope nine turns you on too.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


According to psychologists, fear is the #1 motivating factor for humans. Even love and hate take a back seat to the power of fear. 
No surprise, fear is used by propagandists to steer public opinion and policy. 

What are you afraid of?

Are you afraid of guns?
Are you afraid of conservatives?
Are you afraid of liberals?
Are you afraid of Christians?
Are you afraid of Muslims?
Are you afraid of terrorists?
Are you afraid of marijuana?

A close examination of the sources that fuel your fears, (news papers, cable news and etc.), may reveal the real agendas of the fear brokers who influence you. And, your best interests may not be their consideration.


Monday, January 25, 2016

Embrace 2016 to Ensure Candidates for Peace!

Last December, there was a lot of lip service being paid to the phrase, "Peace on Earth and good will to men." Now that we're only days away from the first presidential primaries, it's time to put your money where your mouth is and choose PEACE. 

In 2016, the two major parties provide only two peace candidates out of all the presidential contestants; one per party. Those candidates are Bernie Sanders, (Democrat) and Rand Paul (Republican). Personally, I'm not thrilled with Sanders or Paul, but let there be no doubt, if any of the other candidates are elected, WAR will be the result. That includes Ms. Rodham-Clinton, who has expressed her interventionist intentions on numerous occasions.

Simply put, America can't afford another war. We can't even afford our current wars and continue to borrow money from China to pay for our excessive spending. A quarter of our national debt has been incurred by increased funding for big-government interventionist policies. War may be good for the military industrial complex, but carries with it numerous negative side effects that far outweigh any supposed benefit.

  • Results in the deaths of far too many innocents
  • Fuels the refugee situation
  • Creates new enemies
  • Means sending our troops to kill, and die for greedy profiteers
  • Means that our quality of life at home continues to be downgraded
  • Brings the sacrifice our liberties for the promise of security, meanwhile our bridges and infrastructure crumble and society suffers
I have no delusion that Americans will suddenly wake up to a sense of our awful situation and vote responsibly. While I have serious doubts that either Sanders or Paul will be nominated by their respective parties, we have to make the effort, otherwise there is no hope for peace. 

I also question the authenticity of voting and suspect wide-spread vote fraud in our electoral process. However, I do feel that it is imperative to take a stand for peace, especially individually at the polling stations. 

It will be important for peace advocates to take certain steps to ensure that we have two peace candidates on the general election ballot:

    1. Register to vote.
    2. Vote and caucus for Sanders and Paul, depending on which party you are registered with.
    3 Become a delicate, and/or find out who your delegates are, and convince them to support peace.
    4 Be present when the votes are counted. Attempts will be made to count the votes secretly, but use your influence to make the tally public before the results are sent to party headquarters. 
    5 When you discover vote fraud in your precinct, make a big deal out of it. Write letters to editors, make YouTube videos and share on social media. Demand accountability.
I 'm not a naive Nevil Chamberlain. I'm well aware that there are lots of bad governments in the world. I also know that it is not America's job to be the policeman, judge, jury and executioner of the world. 

Be careful what you vote for. 

A vote for Clinton, Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Carson, Bush, etc. is a sustained affirmation for perpetual war, and there will be "blood on the hands" of those who elect warmongers.

If you are registered as a Democrat or Republican, please consider the importance and weight of your decision, and support your peace candidate! Then, maybe by some miracle, peace will break out. 

Peace on earth and good will toward all mankind.