Sunday, February 3, 2008

My iTunes Top 25

The holidays brought a new hard drive to our home, and with the new virtual space, iTunes has become a part of my daily life. I've been using iT on my computer for more than a month now, and out of nearly two-thousand songs, the following tunes have risen to the top, and represent the cream of my play list.

Interestingly, the top four positions go to radio stations which are scattered across the country. The streaming feed is counted once per play, even if I have it on for hours at at time.

1 In the number one position, coming in first place with forty-four plays is KSCO, 1080 AM in Santa Cruz, California. i Tune into KSCO pretty much every day, but not only on the computer. I am fortunate to live where I can listen to this local radio station at home or in the car. AM talk radio programming such as Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly help to keep me abreast of the workings of the right-wing propaganda machine. However, unlike most other AM talk stations I have heard, KSCO's political programming is much more balanced. Congratulations KSCO!

2 In second place with forty-two listens, is KRCL, 90.9 FM in Salt Lake City, Utah. I especially enjoy getting up early on Sunday mornings to listen to the Native American music on KRCL. I tune in to their political programming to keep in touch with left-wing political propaganda. KRCL has been one of my most profound musical influences, and holds a special place in my heart. I began listening twenty-five years ago, and thanks to live feed, I can hear it anytime I'm at my computer.

3 Close behind, in third place with forty-one plays is KZSC, 88.1 FM in Santa Cruz California which I listen to every Tuesday and Thursday morning... Platypus Rising, and Here There and Everywhere respectively. My favorite FM station in Santa Cruz.

4 WORT 89.9 FM Madison Wisconsin - play count 34. A fine station I was first introduced to when I lived in Madison, (before the war), and have fond memories of this eclectic, listener sponsored, left-wing voice from the heart of America's Dairyland. And thanks to live stream, I can once again Tune in for political propaganda, and a host of entertaining and informative programming.

###-Title-@@@-Artist-@@@-Album-&&&&-Play Count

5 Number One - The Rutles - The Rutles - 27
6 Dust - Adrian Belew - Dust - 26
7 Click Clack - Captain Beefheart - Spotlight Kid - 26
8 Totally Wired - The Fall - 50,000 fans... - 26
9 Send in the Clown - The Simpsons - Songs in the Key of Springfield - 26
10 And She Was - Talking Heads - 12x12 Original Remixes - 26
11 Frail - The Vox Jaguars - Good As Gone - 26
12 Greensleeves - California Guitar Trio - Christmas Album - 25
13 I'm So Bored With the USA - The Clash - The Clash - 25
14 MTV Get Off the Air - Dead Kennedys - Frankenchrist - 25
15 I Will Survive - Tony Clifton - Man on the Moon - 25
16 Onward - Yes - Tormato - 25
17 On the Beach Goes the Crimson King - Adrian Belew - Dust 24
18 Angela (theme from taxi) - Bob James - Man on the Moon 24
19 Coconut - Harry Nilsson - Personal Best - 24
20 Frame by Frame - King Crimson - B'BOOM - 24
21 The Robots - Kraftwerk - The Man Machine - 24
22 Trigger Hippie - Morcheeba - Who Can You Trust? - 24
23 Chase - Ravi Shankar - Tana Mana - 24
24 Kaw-Liga - The Residents - Stars and Hank Forever - 24
25 Metropolis - The Vox Jaguars - Good As Gone - 24

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