Friday, May 22, 2009

Hats Off to Staff of Life

$pecial thanks go out to Staff of Life natural foods market today.

A few weeks ago, RHETRO TV-Z began filming a new short film in Santa Cruz, and one of the props, a Staff of Life hat, that was intended to be featured throughout the video, was lost at De Laveaga Disc Golf Course last week. A lengthy search failed to turn up the hat.

I figured, "no problem," I'd simply go to Staff of Life and get another hat. It seemed like the perfect solution until I arrived at the store, and discovered that the hats they had for sale, were different from the one we had been using. They had changed the design and color, which wouldn't be a problem except for the fact that we already have lots of scenes that have been shot with the other hat. The solution was to either re-shoot the previously shot scenes, or find another old-style Staff of Life hat somewhere. If I was lucky, the store may still have some of the old hats, or maybe someone there would be able to loan one to us until we're finished filming.

I called up the folks at Staff of Life, and explained the situation, and before I knew it, they had located the last of the old-style hats, and allowed me to go pick it up at the store.

Mondo Gracias to Staff of Life*

* To me, Staff of Life epitomizes Santa Cruz. A fine natural foods store with everything a person could want. I can't imagine this town without it. Staff of Life was the first grocery store I shopped at when I moved to Santa Cruz all those years ago, and it's still where I shop for most everything my family eats.

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