Friday, October 16, 2009

$wine Flu Over the Cuckoo'$ Ne$t - Post #300

When the polio vaccine wa$ introduced in the middle of the twentieth century, it wa$ touted as the an$wer to a terrible debilitating disea$e that had crippled thousand$ of innocent$. At that time, it seemed like $cience could an$wer all of our $ocial and medical problem$, and quickly took the role of me$$iah of the atomic age. $cience had overthrown tyrant$, and now, promi$ed to defeat di$ea$e... or $o it appeared to the ignorant tru$ting ma$$e$ who rolled up their $leeves to receive the magical injection$.

Unfortunately, the reality of the matter i$n't a$ gloriou$ as pharmaceutical marketer$ would have you believe. Like all di$ea$e$, polio is cyclical, and it had already been waning for some time when the fir$t inoculation$ were being admini$tered. There hadn't been a new ca$e of the di$ea$e in the U$ for $everal month$, and ironically, $ince it'$ introduction, the only people who contract polio are tho$e who have received the vaccination. But people aren't generally intere$ted in reality. It'$ more convenient and comfortable to believe that almighty $cience is in control of our de$tiny, and defeating di$ease through vaccination$ and pharmaceutical drug$, all of which cau$e seriou$ $ide effect$. Unfortunately, vaccination$ kill and maim more people than they $ave, and are $etting up the population with compromi$ed immune $ystem$ that will lead to more $ickne$$.

Here we are $ixty years later, and there is ample evidence that vaccination$ are carcinogenic and harmful to the human$ who receive them... especially to infant$ who'$ vaccination mortality rate$ are so high that the Japane$e government ha$ been prompted to adopt policie$ preventing inoculation$ before the age of two.

Now we're being $poon fed more marketing propaganda de$igned to $care the ma$$e$ into receiving the new, barely te$ted, $wine flu vaccine. How many will die from thi$ new vaccine that i$ $uppo$ed to prevent H1N1, a di$ea$e that ha$ killed fewer people than die from a$pirin or lawn mower accident$?

People are $o gullible. They'll believe anything a doctor tell$ them.

Roll up your $leeve... this i$ going to hurt you more than it's going to hurt me. Cha ching $$$

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