Thursday, November 25, 2010

Harpie ThanXgiving

Today is Thanksgiving, and we woke up to clear blue skies and bright sunlight sparkling on frosted automobile windshields. Yes, it does get cold in Santa Cruz occasionally... but nothing like Madison, Wisconsin does.

I feel like I should pay some attention to this blogue. I intend to have at least four posts per month, a number that should be easily attainable, but since my father passed away last month, I just haven't had the spark when it comes to writing. I remember a similar thing happening to me when my mother passed away last Christmas. At that time, I cut back on my posts from eight per month to only four. I guess I feel like I'm listening more and saying less right now. I still have plenty to say, but not today. Instead, here a couple of pertinent videos.

Happy ThanXgiving
I think I'll watch Gentlemen Broncos today and make Thanksgiving Harpie.


Dave said...

Hey I like it here in Madison. What does Thanksgiving Harpie taste like?

Rhetro Zenberg said...

Dave, I love Madison anuytime... even winter. One of my favorite places no matter what the weather. Ever go to Leskie's Liquor Locker on Monona? I worked there when Arctic Ice was slow.