Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years ReZ

Today is 1,1, 11... the first day of the new year.

2010 went out with a big bang. Two of my favorite bands played together at the beautiful and historic Fox Theater in Oakland, California.

The superintendents of the subterranean, the Residents, took the stage first, and brought their Talking Light Tour to a close.

*Lanol (Bob) shredddZ on the guitar

*Horem , (Randy) is always a snappy dresser, with a flare for style

Here's some video from the Residents' performance at the Fox Theater in Oakland.

As soon as the Residents finished their short set, stage hands got busy and before long, Primus took the stage and performed the songs from their Sailing the Seas of Cheese album in it's entirety. Les sported his newest bass, and to end the show, the boys played one of their new songs for the first time.

*Names have been encrypted to protect the cryptic.


Dave said...

I can't wait for 13/13/13 to roll around. Great pics.

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