Friday, April 20, 2012

4/20 Post BIRDHAND Behind the Zion Curtain

Recently, my friends from the band, Birdhand, took time off from their US tour to stop in Tooele and hang out behind the Zion Curtain for a couple of days.
On Easter Sunday, we all piled into Wilma, (the Birdhand tour van), and traveled thirty or so miles to Temple Square in Salt Lake for a recital featuring the awesome Mormon Tabernacle Organ.
It was late in the afternoon, and no one had eaten yet, so after the recital, everyone hurried to the closest eatery for sustenance. JB's Big Boy was only a hop-skip-jump-n-stumble away, and before we knew it, we were enjoying the finest diner food in that part of Salt Lake.
On the way back to Tooele, we took a detour to some salt flats near Stansbury Island where Birdhand enjoyed some yoga on the salt with local yoga teacher, Heidi Rosenberg.

I got lots of great 3D photos of Birdhand as they frolicked under the bluest of skies. Their boots will never be quite the same.

Birdhand recently recorded one of my songs, so here, for the first time, is the full version of Guineapig Man performed by Birdhand.

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They have some new members!