Friday, April 13, 2007

Sing It Like Mr. Ego Would

A few years ago my son discovered classic rock. It was all new to him because we've never played it around the house, (we're more of an alternative music family). He was surprised that I knew every lyric and nuance of every song, and I soon became a reliable wealth of information to him. He had lots of questions, and I had pretty much all the answers. Strange how I know everything about classic rock, and I don't even like it. One day, we were driving near the Mystery Spot on B-40 Drive listening to classic rock on the radio when, a Doors song came on. My son had never heard the Doors before, and he asked, "Who is this?" I said, "See if you can figure it out." He listened intently for a couple of minutes, and asked, "Is it X?" "eXcellent," I said. "No it isn't, but you're really close." Until then, I had never considered that X sounds anything like the Doors. The similarity is obviously rooted in the fact that Doors' keyboard player, Ray Manzarek, produced X, and played on many of their songs. Now, whenever I hear a Doors song, I sing along imitating Exene as best I can. Likewise, whenever I hear an X song, I sing it like Mr. Ego would. Try it at home.

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