Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mug Shots or Cups I Have Known

Collecting mugs isn't something I pursue consciously. I don't seek them out when I go on vacation, and I don't have mugs from around the world. Its more like the mugs find me. OK, I don't even have that many mugs to brag about, but the ones I do have tickle my fancy.

One of my favorites comes from good old Tooele County in Utah. These beauties were handed out to
Tooele County employees sometime in the twentieth century. I found mine slightly used at Deseret Industries in Tooele a couple of years ago.

I've often pondered what it means by both worlds. Here are a few ideas I have considered.








Who knows?

Another specimen from Tooele County is this official looking Tooele Army Depot Headquarters mug. TAD is of course where Uncle Sam housed and maintained the majority of his chemical weapons of mass destruction stockpile.

Another favorite mug came from Ground Zero Coffee in Madison Wisconsin, and features one of my favorite themes.

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