Sunday, September 11, 2011

911 One Decade Later - 10 Years of Propaganda

Earlier last month, when I first heard about the American helicopter full of Navy Seals being destroyed in Afghanistan, I turned to my wife and said, "What do you want to bet that those were the guys who supposedly got Bin Laden?" My heart sank one evening a couple of weeks later as my suspicions were validated while watching the local news. It was reported that a Utah man had been killed in the helicopter calamity with the other Seals that are credited with capturing and killing Osama Bin Laden. I really do hate being right all the time.

Since Bin Laden was buried at sea, there was no physical body as evidence, and now, with the convenient destruction of an entire team of seals, there are no witnesses either. Brilliant.

The majority of the pharmaceutically-induced masses accepted the official narrative, (even though the story continued to change), without any question, and praised the president for his heroic decision to raid Bin Laden's compound.

It is terrifying to me to think that these people will stop at nothing, even the death of dozens of elite military forces, to perpetuate an authoritative narrative... even if it is a lie.

I've been intrigued with propaganda for as long as I can remember, and since September 11, 2001, there has been no shortage of powerfully manipulative information designed to fuel the war machine, and keep the masses ignorant and supportive.

My most recent favorite propaganda coup, was when President Obama released his fake birth certificate that even pro-Obama Photoshop experts who set out to vindicate the president said it must be a joke because it was so poorly manufactured, then, to take attention away from the obvious forgery, pretended to capture and kill Chief Boogyman, Osama Bin Laden.

For those of you with a short memory span, Monsieur Bin Laden was reported to have been on dialysis nearly a decade ago. An adult of Bin Laden's maturity could never have survived all these years, even under the best medical supervision, in the best American hospital. Osama Bin Laden was dead many years ago, but the military industrial complex needed a powerful boogyman to fuel the fears, that perpetuate trillions of dollars of funding... one source of America's economic woes.

Wake up America. It's been ten years, and it's time to stop dreaming.

Flash Back to a more innocent time.

"Here come the planes... They're American planes... Made in America." Laurie Anderson
"One day you wake up, and you didn't even know you were asleep" Adrian Belew

I was still dreaming that I was looking for my glasses when suddenly, my alarm clock radio sounded, just as I had programmed it to the night before. As usual, the dial was set to 1080 am KSCO, and I was still shaking the dreams from my head when I heard the familiar voice of radio personality Rosemary Chalmers, in her wonderful British accent saying something like, "We've just received word that an aeroplane has crashed into the World Trade Center..." I didn't wait to hear any more, and exploded from my bed. I quickly climbed the stairs on all fours, using my hands to claw my way to the top. Barely maintaining balance, my feet slid beneath me on the cold, slick, stone tile floor as I cornered a sharp right turn into the living room, and scurried toward the television set. I knew it would be a hot topic on CNN, there would no doubt be live coverage. I never watch TV, and my family appeared surprised to see me moving so quickly to get to the boob tube, and then speed through the channels... clicking as quickly a humanly possible, until finally, there it was... unbelievable! In the distance, thick black smoke was billowing from the injured north tower. Upon a rooftop, a talking head stood at a safe and picturesque distance, reporting on how much they didn't know about the situation... but the images were great so he kept on talking. As I viewed the spectacle in awe, I observed a dot crossing the screen behind the reporter's head... and another aeroplane crashed spectacularly into the south tower. No! I cried as it burst into flames right before my eyes on live TV. As I sobbed in horrified disbelief, my son asked innocently, "Were there people on that plane?" I looked at him and gave an affirmative nod. He had been on an airliner, and could easily imagine how many people were involved. The realization was met with a welling up of tears, which soon overflowed their small reservoirs and streamed down his smooth cheeks, dropping to the floor. "Why would someone do that?" he asked while thick black smoke belched and billowed from both towers. There were hundreds of people trapped above the flames, and it was reported that some of them were jumping from the blazing inferno rather than face a painful fiery demise. The situation was not good for those still in the towers.
1rst casualty in war

Now it was obvious that America was under terrorist attack, and an order was quickly issued for a
ll airliners to land immediately while fighter jets scrambled to intercept any planes that did not heed the grounding order. Before long, another airliner had crashed into the Pentagon in Washington DC, while another had mysteriously crashed in a wooded area of Pennsylvania. Knowing that fighters had been dispatched to intercept wayward airliners, I was suspicious about the Pennsylvania crash from the beginning. America was now at war, and it appeared that we had brought down one of our own to protect real estate, and heads of state. A heart warming hero story was cooked up to feed the frenzy, casting the victims of United flight 93 as heroes who prevented the terrorists from reaching their intended target by crashing the plane in the unpopulated Pennsylvanian woods. Its a nice story, but as a student of propaganda, I know that in war, truth is the first casualty. There were reports of other unexplained explosions in the Washington DC area that morning, but they were soon forgotten... swept away in the official mass media mantra.Apocalyptus on live TV

It was a scene from an apocalyptic nightmare. We sat watching the TV in disbelief as the first tower co
llapsed from structural fatigue. It fell as though a demolition crew had expertly placed charges in strategic positions. Tears streamed down my face as I watched in horror as my Familia Human ran from the toxic dust cloud which pursued them through the streets of Manhattan. The devastation was unbelievable, and the second tower soon collapsed in like manner. Many thousands were injured, and no one yet knew how many thousands were dead... or if there would be more attacks... America went on paranoid alert.Reflex retaliation

Many thousands more would die as America went off to war in Afghanistan, then Iraq, and recently Libya. Remember ten years ago, when seemingly overnight, the brightly coloured American flag stickers of
red white & blue, placed alongside yellow ribbons, (ironically made in China), adorned automobiles nationwide in support of war... and revenge?A neo-McCarthyistic policy was soon embraced by the administration... those not with us are against us, and suspect.Faded glory

These colors don't run" But they do fade.
Now, a decade later, the once colourful
flags and ribbons have all faded, and so has support for war. Americans are divided now more than ever... There appears to be no end to the war in sight, meanwhile trillion$ of dollar$ continue to be diverted to the effort, as America's infrastructure collapses, and her economy continues to collapse despite assurances from the administration.
Rhetropinion & prediction

It is Rhetro Zenberg's opinion that America is $pending way too much money fighting a war it does not intend to win. Don't get me wrong... I want those responsible for what happened ten years ago as much as the next red blooded American, but we've already lost, and ki
lled WAY too many innocents in this terror war. The situation in Iraq is similar but worse than Vietnam, because our intervention has effectively eliminated the only threat to neighboring Iran's Islamo-fascist aspirations as a world power.

1, Due to the destabilization of the region, Iran wi
ll ascend as a formidable nuclear power.
2, Iran will suffer from nuclear accidents as they unravel the mysteries atomique.
3, Iran wi
ll face retaliatory attacks, for their use or attempted use of atomic weapons.
4, America wi
ll somehow find a way to be involved. In short... more war.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

Ultimately, the choice belongs to the electorate. America can sti
ll wake up and elect people like Ron Paul who won't be so quick to engage in armed conflict, but that will never happen as long as we continue to elect pro-war Republicrats to [mis] represent US.

Have a nice war
or two or three or four or... HOW MANY MORE?

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