Monday, March 5, 2012

3D Winter

On the eve of Super Tuesday, here's a bunch of non-political 3D photos to enjoy.
A few days ago we got about a foot of wet, heavy snow.

Last week, Mighty Mo happened to notice these sparkling ruby red slippers dangling from a tree near the Great Salt lake.
I drove the pickup truck over the old Lincoln Highway recently, and found dinner on the side of the road. Glad I took my saw.
I noticed this broken backboard here in Tooele and couldn't resist the 3D photo opportunity.
The field betwixt Wallmart and Deseret Industries is littered with hundreds of baggies that have escaped from inattentive shoppers, only to be trapped by the barren brush that no bag can escape. Way too go Tooele! Lookin good!

A snowy field of hay bails in Idaho was too wonderful to pass without stopping for a photo.


Dave said...

Some how this all leads up to something? Best to listen to Laurie Anderson to help in the dissemination of it!

Dave said...

Ever been to Utah? - J. Frank Parnell