Sunday, February 12, 2012

Suspicious Caucus Manipulation by Romney Camp in Maine

The Romney campaign, in league* with Wall Street and the news media, would have you believe that Willard (Mitt) won the Maine Caucus on Saturday, but the fact is, all of the votes have not been counted, or even cast for that matter, and Willard Romney will soon see his corporate financed 3% lead evaporate and will have to concede to Ron Paul, the people's choice.

It would have been an obvious win for Ron Paul in Maine, but in Washington County, (a Ron Paul stronghold), the Chair, who just happens to be a Romney supporter, decided to postpone the caucus until February 18. The bad weather that was blamed for the postponement, didn't hinder local Girl Scout meetings, though.

Unfortunately for Willard, when all of the votes are finally counted in Maine, he'll be forced to give up another win, like happened in Iowa last month when it was determined that Rick Santorum actually won the first in nation primary.

* Ether 8:18

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