Monday, October 7, 2013

Halloween WARdrobe 2013

Time to start thinking about Halloween costumes again.

Rhetro Zenberg's pick for best Halloween costume for 2013 is this awesome WARbama ensemble. 

One might wonder why depicting President Obama as a WARmonger is an appropriate costume for Halloween. Here are a few good reasons why this is the scariest WARdrobe for not only Halloween, but every day since Obama's reign of terror began.

1 Obama has deployed over 30,000 troops to WAR zones.

2 He started a WAR in Libya.
3 He is attempting to start another WAR with Syria, (pending).
4 His personal drone WAR has already resulted in the deaths of over 2,400 innocent men, women and children in Pakistan alone, (the Guardian). The US isn't even at WAR with Pakistan
5 His administration provided guns to Mexican drug cartels that resulted in the violent deaths of hundreds if not thousands of Mexican citizens, (Fast and Furious Scandal).
6 He re-authorized the Patriot Act and signed the National Defense Authorization Act, (NDAA), declaring WAR on American citizens.

WAR is Peace

Happy Halloween!
Have a nice WAR... or three or four!

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Dave said...

I was thinking about going with the half and half of Presidents William Henry Harrison and David Rice Atchison for this year.