Tuesday, November 1, 2016

America Found Dead

On the night of Yom Kippur, sleep didn't come easy for me. After hours of tossing and turning in bed, stressing over the upcoming election, I decided to meditate. I chose to focus on what might happen if Hillary Clinton was elected president. 

I have dreamed a dream

Before long, I was fast asleep and found myself in the bottom of a deep canyon. It was dark, as if the sun was low in the western sky and no direct sunlight was making its way to the narrows of the deep canyon. I observed that the place where I stood seemed to be a dry riverbed with gravel and stepping-stone size rocks. I looked to my right and observed a large flat rock a couple of feet from where I stood. Laying upon the rock was the lifeless body of a young child. I noticed someone else standing there with me and I asked, "Who is this dead child?" The person replied, "This is America." 

For some reason, it didn't seem odd that America was personified as a child, and I was overcome by the tragedy of the scene. The person next to me knelt down and picked up the lifeless body and placed it inside a small, child-size coffin that was positioned next to the large flat rock. The small coffin appeared to be made of bronze or copper, but it was too dark to be sure. The other person sealed the coffin as three other persons who had been shrouded by the darkness stepped forward to act as pallbearers. 

The person next to me joined the others and they positioned themselves, two on either side of the coffin. They lifted the coffin from the dry riverbed in unison and it occurred to me that the traditional six pallbearers were unnecessary with such a small casket. As the four persons began to carry off the small box, four calf legs emerged from its base, and the casket walked off into the darkness... and the dream was over.

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