Sunday, October 16, 2016

Has Russia Weaponized Wikileaks?

Wikileaks has a reputation of impeccable accuracy and reliability. Anyone who's paying attention is aware that Wikileaks has been releasing a steady stream of Clinton related emails that expose the candidate for who she really is and what she really stands for. 

The Hillary Clinton campaign is attempting to distract voters from the content of these documents by accusing Russia for the leaks that expose her as a racist, cheater, liar, ISIS enabler, inside trader, etc... And making the accusation that Russia has weaponized Wikileaks. 

I think that it is much more likely that the NSA, (National Security Agency), or perhaps an individual at the NSA is responsible for providing the Clinton related documents to Wikileaks. We all know, (or should know), that the NSA stores everyone's email messages indefinitely, and if called upon, could confirm the accuracy of the Wikileaks documents. 

The Clinton camp is even going so far as claiming that the email messages have been altered because there is no "real" defense* against the damning information contained therein. Wikileaks has nothing to gain by altering documents and is certainly no friend to Russia, so Hillary is grasping at anything that will serve to distract voters from the integrity of the information in these documents. 

I hope that Hillary's supporters will remove their partisan blinders and take a good hard HONEST look at these documents. Don't be an ignoramus, make an educated decision.

* other than the mainstream media who seem to be more interested in protecting Clinton than accurate and responsible reporting. Maybe that's because many of the cable news outlets have also been exposed as co-conspirators with the Clinton camp.

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