Saturday, January 12, 2008

Presidential Primary - A Prognosticative Prediction

Now that there have been a couple of caucuses and primary elections here in the good old US of A, I am prepared to make my presidential primary predictions for 2008.

Democratique Nominee

It was easy to figure out who the Democrats will choose. In fact... fifteen years ago I predicted that
Hilary Rodham-Clinton would become America's first woman president... 2008 could be her year, (otherwise she may have to wait til 2016). All the anti-Republican children are tired and want an indefatigable mother-figure to fix a snack, and clean up the play room while the kids take a nap... so to speak. To her credit, she'd be a better president than the majority of the men contending for the top position in her party. I hope* that John Edwards will be chosen to be her running mate so that I can once again use a red marker to highlight the war in his name on my bumper-sticker and yard sign... a reminder that this administration represents the industrial military complex, which means prolonged war in Iraq... and who knows where next? You can't spell Edwards without war.

Republic Con Nominee

It took longer than usual for me to figure out who will become the
Republican nominee. The spin in news reports, photo selections in printed media and vote fraud in New Hampshire lead me to believe that John McCain is the straw-man the party has chosen to be knocked down and defeated... the Bob Dole of 2008. My first clue was that a nobody, like McCain, was regularly mentioned in the news reports, no matter how insignificant the information, whereas other candidates with legitimate news seem to get squelched. Another big clue was the discovery of numerous uncounted votes for Romney and Ron Paul in New Hampshire. In upcoming primaries, the fraudulent vote counters will have to be careful to under-report Paul and others, rather than leave a suspicious zero tally like occurred in NH. Media misquotes subtly demonstrate bias against Romney who's win in Wyoming was downplayed and ignored.** I suppose it is no surprise that long-time career politician John McCain is the one the Republican National Committee will anoint and appoint to perpetuate the party platform. He's been a loyal and obedient servant to the power elite for decades, and will gladly play the puppet in the public drama, where Hee Haw meets Passion Play.

*Not a prediction. Rather, a selfish wish. I love to mess with bumper stickers.

** Romney, using an Olympic metaphor said, "We have a gold and two silvers, we would have liked another gold..." FOX News reported that Romney said, "We have two silvers... we would have liked a gold" a considerable reconstruction that perceptively strips Romney of his victory in the Cowboy State.

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