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Monday, February 10, 2014

Mitt - the Documentary - the OTHER Other Side

The new documentary about Mitt Romney, appropriately titled, Mitt, recently premiered at the renowned Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah and is currently available exclusively through Netflix.

Mitt imparts captivating insight from behind the scenes of America's most recent presidential campaign. Mitt is endearing and melts away Governor Romney's stuffy public persona and portrays the Republican candidate as a genuine, caring family man with only the best intentions for America. The editors did a convincing job of making Mitt Romney seem like a nice, normal, ordinary guy. 

The well filmed documentary begins with a short scene on the night of the 2012 election as a somber Romney family realizes that Mitt has lost the election and would soon have to make a concession speech. As the candidate chokes back tears, he inquires jokingly, "Does anyone have the president's phone number? ...I hadn't thought of that." 

Flash Back to 2008

Another short scene rewinds the clock back a half decade, and finds the Romneys sledding together down a snowy slope. Later on, the entire Romney clan is seen sitting comfortably in one of their many living rooms, discussing the pros and cons of a potential presidential run... the first run back in 2008.  

Less than ten minutes into the documentary we see a handful of candid clips from the 2008 campaign trail as Mitt appears in various cities to woo primary voters in key states. Polls indicate that McCain and Romney are in a virtual tie while Mitt laments how unfair it is that the media and establishment machine is taking sides by labeling him as a flip-flopper and lending credibility to McCain. A Romney victory is squelched by the revelation of Florida Governor Charlie Crist's endorsement of McCain, breaking his promise to Mitt that he'd remain neutral. Never trust a politician.

Major Edit

Suddenly, it is four years later, and with absolutely no mention or discussion about the dirty 2012 Republican Primary, we find Mitt Romney at the GOP Convention accepting the 2012 nomination for President of the United States. Did I miss something?

Caucus Raucous - the Other Other Side

Mitt is a documentary about family unity and support more than anything else, but the most historically and politically important story about Mitt Romney is the one that wasn't told in this documentary. 

The untold story is regarding the unsavory activities of Mitt's minions who performed shameful acts of thuggery to ensure that the establishment's anointed man would become the Republican presidential candidate. One must wonder how Mr. Romney's pious Mormon family feels about the bone breaking, hip dislocating, ballot stuffing, tally altering, caucus canceling, delegate displacing, rule changing and other dishonest activities that occurred in Mitt's name during the primary and at the Republican Convention. That is the documentary that Americans need to see in order to possess a proper understanding of the 2012 election, the state of politics in America and especially the corrupt leadership of Republican Party.

The Wrong Man

At the end of the  documentary, the viewer is made to feel as though America chose the wrong person to be president in 2012. Well, Americans did choose the wrong person, but the right person wasn't Mitt Romney. 

For a detailed and documented account of what REALLY happened behind the scenes during the 2012 Republican Primary, SWINDLED: How the GOP Cheated Ron Paul and  Lost Themselves the Election 
is recommended reading.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Where's Ron Paul?

While most every politician on either side of the aisle has chimed in regarding Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney's premature selection for a vice presidential running mate, the other Republican presidential candidate still in the race, Congressman Ron Paul, has yet to comment on this development, and has been harder to find than Waldo.

Romney isn't even the official Republican presidential candidate yet, nevertheless, he has boldly announced his running mate earlier than any other Republican in history. A shrewd tactic designed to pull the wool over America's eyes, effectively distracting them of the reality that Ron Paul is still a viable candidate with hundreds of loyal delegates who will never support a Romney/Ryan nomination, no matter what.

The Romney camp has been anxiously engaged in conducting vote fraud, and breaking rules, (even broken bones), to ensure that Paul's delegates are discredited and thwarted from attending the Republican Convention in Tampa, Florida later this month.

Meanwhile, Paul Ryan is being hailed as an articulate and smart politician with a plan to balance the budget in three decades. Ron Paul's plan will balance the budget in three years, a quarter century sooner than Ryan's plan, and promises to return America to what it used to be and is supposed to be... a nation of liberty and freedom. A nation that doesn't militarily or covertly meddle in the affairs of other nations, or spy on it's own citizens with thousands of surveillance drones or cyber intrusion.

One thing is sure. Ron Paul and his loyal supporters aren't going away, and will do everything in their legal power to ensure that Romney won't have an easy coronation in Tampa as the mainstream corporate owned media would have American's believe.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Suspicious Caucus Manipulation by Romney Camp in Maine

The Romney campaign, in league* with Wall Street and the news media, would have you believe that Willard (Mitt) won the Maine Caucus on Saturday, but the fact is, all of the votes have not been counted, or even cast for that matter, and Willard Romney will soon see his corporate financed 3% lead evaporate and will have to concede to Ron Paul, the people's choice.

It would have been an obvious win for Ron Paul in Maine, but in Washington County, (a Ron Paul stronghold), the Chair, who just happens to be a Romney supporter, decided to postpone the caucus until February 18. The bad weather that was blamed for the postponement, didn't hinder local Girl Scout meetings, though.

Unfortunately for Willard, when all of the votes are finally counted in Maine, he'll be forced to give up another win, like happened in Iowa last month when it was determined that Rick Santorum actually won the first in nation primary.

* Ether 8:18

Friday, February 3, 2012

Cowboy Poetique and Ron Paul in Elko, NV

What's semi-opaque and rhymes with varmint? That'd be Mitt Romney, (his real name is Willard after all).

OK, granted. Cowboy poetry isn't for everyone, but the folks who it is for are willing to pay big buck$ to hear Marlboro-moustached men, (and sometimes women), orating about the minutest details of red-neck philosophy. One thing is sure, the annual Cowboy Poetry event generates big revenues for Elko, Nevada, and is, in reality, a dang good time.

On Thursday afternoon, lots of lucky Elko citizens had an opportunity to meet the most un-hyphenated American person in... well, America, or anywhere. Presidential candidate Ron Paul, who dropped in to encourage citizens of the Silver State to caucus for liberty this weekend.

Today, Willard, (Mitt Romney), stopped in Elko to encourage Nevadans to support the unconstitutional detention, and even assassinations of Americans without due process of law.

It's kinda interesting... The choice between three turds and a jewel seems pretty simple, but let's see how he folks in Nevada choose.

Lots of balloons

KENV News 10's Lori Gilbert interviews Wendover, UT Mayor Mark Crawford

Excited Ron Paul supporters await the Congressman's arrival.

Utah's Fox News 13 was the only Utah TV station to cover the event.

FOX News' Max Roth in 3D

Monday, January 30, 2012

The Christian Case for Ron Paul for President of the United States of America

The right of a person to worship without fear of persecution is important to Ron Paul who has worked to protect Americans by opposing legislation that corrodes religious liberties and has supported policies that promote personal and religious freedom. Ron Paul has fought to keep the government out of the churches, has proven to be incorruptible, and will be a good ambassador of Christianity throughout the world. Christian Americans shouldn't fear liberty, but through faith, should put liberty to the test. Vote for FAITH, vote for Ron Paul.

The current condition of the economy puts a terrible strain on American families, and Ron Paul has the best plan for getting the economy back on track. War is another terrible reality for families to deal with. Too often, soldiers with families are forced to leave their children when they're deployed. Sometimes they don't come back, or return home permanently disabled only to find that the VA is either unwilling or ill equipped to deal with their condition. Our returning soldiers deserve better than that. It's no wonder that our active military personnel have put their financial support behind Ron Paul more than all of other candidates combined. They know better than anyone what is best for military families.

Our soldiers and military families aren't the only families suffering the effects of war. Our undeclared military interventions have resulted in the deaths of more than a million innocent men women and children from our bombing campaigns and the unsanitary conditions that followed. War is the enemy of all families, everywhere, and contrary to God's will for His creation, "peace on Earth, and good will toward men." Vote for FAMILY, vote for Ron Paul.

Dr. Ron Paul has delivered thousands of babies and is in favor of reversing the Supreme Court decision on RVW. And since war, like abortion, kills thousands of innocent human beings, he promises to commit troops, only by congressional declaration, and only when all other peaceful attempts to negotiate have failed. To Ron Paul, the Christian principle of doing unto others as we would have them do unto us, applies on the international level, and we could thwart an unnecessary war with Iran by adhering to that precept. Ron Paul's good will toward mankind is honorable, and would encourage a more peaceful Earth, and facilitate the spread of Christianity throughout the world, maybe even Iran.

Contrarily, the pro-war rhetoric coming from all of the other candidates actually contributes to making the world more volatile. Iran is paying attention to the candidates' threats, and taking them seriously. As Christians, we should look at the situation from Iran's perspective. How would we react? America would consider it to be an act of war if Iran was flying drones through our airspace, threatening us with preemptive military strikes, and regime change. We shouldn't expect Iran to behave any differently than we would. I understand that sometimes war is necessary, but there is some amount of hypocrisy in claiming to be pro life while at the same time, perpetuating the same failed policies of undeclared wars that destroy so much LIFE unnecessarily.

Let us be firm in our trust of the Lord, and do unto Iran as we would have Iran do unto us. Let us be the Christian example in the world, the city on the hill, whose light projects a better way for mankind, and whose good deeds ultimately glorify God. Vote for LIFE, vote for Ron Paul

Ron Paul has been sounding the voice of warning from the watchtower for decades, and fortunately, lots of Americans are awaking to a sense of our awful situation. Ron Paul should be retiring, but he understands the dangerous situation America is in, and is willing to give us his all to protect and preserve our great nation, God bless him for his indefatigable spirit and willingness to stand for the TRUTH. America's (metaphorical) defense walls are crumbling, and Ron Paul will shore them up, and fortify them - placing watchmen on every tower. With secure borders, and our troops out of harm's way, America will be safer, and stronger. Vote for a STRONG DEFENSE, vote for Ron Paul.

Ron Paul has the best chance to defeat President Obama in November because he stands on the foundation of TRUTH and PEACE. I don't think any of the other GOP candidates' policies would find as much favor with the Lord, and would ultimately be an embarrassment to true believers, therefore we should support the one man who stands for everything a true Christian could hope for in a president. Anyone else would be impudent against Obama, and/or an inadequate choice to deal with America's problems at the most vulnerable time in our nation's history. Vote for the candidate who will defeat Obama in 2012, ELECT Ron Paul for President of the United States of America.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Secret Lives of ABC/Yahoo Social Engineers - How to Make Ron Paul Disappear, or the $10,000 Bet that Cost Romney the Republican Nomination

I was shocked by last night's Republican debate that was broadcast and streamed live on ABC/Yahoo. Shocked, because it was so poorly and unfairly presented. Shame on both ABC and Yahoo for their manipulative program that made it seem as though the debate was all about Romney and Gingrich.

I streamed the debate live on Yahoo, and participated in the interactive on-air poll that instantly displayed the results of the sixteen questions as they were answered. Unfortunately, the questions were either exclusively Newt vs. Mitt, or didn't provide adequate options to correctly answer them. In other words, the poll was designed to manipulate public opinion rather than reflect it.

There was one question in the poll that provided a glimmer of hope though, "Would you like to hear more from Ron Paul tonight?" I clicked the yes option and when I viewed the results of that question, the answers were overwhelmingly in favor, but we didn't hear a whole lot more from Ron Paul, even though he has consistently polled as a top tier candidate throughout the campaign, and maintains a strong second place in Iowa.

Last time ABC hosted a Republican debate, Ron Paul was allowed only 89 seconds to respond to moderators' questions. This time he got a few more seconds, but nothing in comparison to all of the other candidates, even those who have consistently polled in low single digits. Once again, ABC has silenced Paul simply by ignoring him. I wonder why they are so afraid of his message of peace, freedom and equality. Perhaps ABC/Yahoo prefers war, tyranny and the belief that corporate persons are created more equal than REAL people.

Mighty Mo and I actually had fun imitating the gestures of the various candidates. Newt did some convincing podium thumping, and just like in the previous debate, uplifted his hands and demonstrated the messiah stance. I noticed that he winked at one of the moderators at least two times as well. I wonder which one???

As usual, Mitt made a lot of nervous hurky-jerky left handed stick shift gestures. Mitt's PR people were, no doubt, thrilled when he demonstrated that he can remember seven things. I'm sure they were equally horrified when their candidate made a $10,000 bet with the insignificant Texas Governor who, in a previous debate, demonstrated that he had difficulty remembering the three government agencies that he would cut if he should become president. Unfortunately for the Romney campaign though, folks won't remember or even care what the bet was about. What will be remembered is Mitt's tasteless wager that cost him the nomination.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Smart One? - Newt Gingrich: The Ascension of the Republican Messiah

"Newt Gingrich is what stupid people think an intellectual sounds like."

The above statement was my favorite viewer comment from the recent CNN Republican Debate that decidedly separated the warmongers and proponents of the police state from Ron Paul and John Huntsman. The majority of viewer comments from the debate indicate that Americans are waking up to a sense of their awful situation, and taking Ron Paul's message of peace seriously, in spite of the mainstream media's ignorance and excuses for his repeated successes in polls.

Lately, the media has been trying to convince us that Newt Gingrich is the smartest of the bunch. Well, he may not be as dumb as Herman Cain, who, during the last debate, had to continually be reminded of the question, and even where he was, or Michelle Bachman, who couldn't even pronounce the name of her country.* He's obviously smarter than Mitt Romney, who revealed that he knows nothing about constitutional government, and Rick Perry who seemed distracted by the pretty lights... but Newt is certainly not smarter than John Huntsman, and doesn't hold a camel to Ron Paul.

To Newt's credit, he proved that he can count to three, and demonstrated it a handful of times during the debate. He also established that he would perpetuate the failed policies of the past, and pledged to continue to empower the police state under the guise of national security.

The new-found contrived attention on Newt worries me a bit, and makes me wonder where his support is coming from.

I pay a lot of attention to body language because it says much more than the words coming out of the candidates' mouths, and I noticed something during the debate that may be significant to point out. While commenting on illegal Mexicans' rights in America, Newt posed in what I refer to as the messiah stance. I pointed it out to Mighty Mo, and predicted that we would likely see images in the news of Newt's messiah stance. The following day, Newt's messiah stance was featured prominently throughout the mainstream media.

Why is this significant?

This is the same messiah stance that convinced me that Bill Clinton would become the Democrat nominee early in the 1992 primary, and makes me wonder if maybe the GOP hasn't already anointed their candidate for 2012.

I can't imagine that the Republicans would nominate Mitt Romney, even if he knew what he was talking about. Most Americans, especially Christians, are far too bigoted to allow a Mormon to become the Republican nominee. Conservatives are happy to have a Mormon neighbor, and rely on their help mounting anti-gay rights campaigns, but aren't interested in one becoming their commander-in-chief. They'd prefer a good Christian, like Newt Gingrich, to be elected president. And at least if Gingrich loses the election, they'll rest well knowing that President Obama, a good Baptist, is in the White House, and that God is blessing America because the president is a true Christian.

* Ms. Bachman insists that the name of her country is the Uninded States of America.

Monday, October 10, 2011

RON PAUL Wins Another Straw Poll

Your TV probably didn't tell you that Ron Paul won another straw poll.

1st Ron Paul-----------------37%-------:-)
2nd Herman Cain------------23%-------:-)
3rd Rick Santorum----------16%--------;-|
4th Michelle Bachman--------8%--------;-\
4th Rick Perry---------------8%--------;-/
5th Mitt Romney-------------4%--------;-(
6th Newt Gingrich------------3%--------;-(
7th John Huntsman-----------0%--------;-(

Values Voter Straw Poll

Monday, August 15, 2011

D is for Distraction

Most Americans were distracted by the grandiose season finale of So You Think You Can Dance, and weren't even aware that Ron Paul was kicking ass in the FOX News hosted presidential debate to determine the victor in yesterday's Iowa Straw Poll.

Here's a bit of what you may have missed.

Ultimately, Michelle Bachman was declared the victor in the Straw Poll, but won by less than a percentage point over Ron Paul, who received little recognition for his virtual tie for first place. Strangely, the media is making excuses for Mitt Romney's poor performance in the prestigious Straw Poll, saying that he skipped Iowa, yet anyone can plainly see that Mr. Romney was there stumping for votes. In reality, Iowa skipped Mitt Romney.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ron Paul for Mothers Day

The best thing that could happen to American mothers, would be having Ron Paul as President of the United States. 

No one cuts through the political bullshit better than the seasoned politician who always tells the truth, no matter how painful or unpopular it may be. 

Unfortunately, there are those who don't want American's to know the truth, therefore corporatists, like Obama, Palin and Romney, get to take center stage, distracting the masses with color, curves and cash, meanwhile, freedom continues to dissipate like a fart in a windstorm.*  

Last Thursday, Ron Paul participated in the first 2012 presidential debate that was held in South Carolina, and as one would expect, there were attempts to defame Congressman Paul. Here is one example. 

* one of my mom's funny old sayings. I miss her today.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ron Paul for President 2012 - Peace in our Day?

Today, Texas Congressman Ron Paul announced the formation of a committee to explore his candidacy for President of the United States.

So far, Mr. Paul is the only politician that has thrown his hat into the ring who stands for PEACE. Everyone else is in favor of perpetuating the expensive, illegal, and immoral wars in Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq. Not even our peace prize toting president has any intention of ending those wars, and even seems to be accelerating America's military presence in more places than most people can keep track of.

It is Rhetro Zenberg's opinion that if Ron Paul is serious about his bid for president, he should exploit the PEACE card, and make PEACE the focus of his campaign.

How will you vote... PEACE or war? The choice should be simple, and obvious.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

US Out of Libya

It has been difficult for me to hold my tongue with so much going on in the world right now. I have so much to say, especially about the new war we have become entangled in. Let there be no doubt, we are at war with Libya. President Obama, without congressional approval, has overstepped his authority, and launched an illegal war against a sovereign nation that will cost American taxpayers billions of dollars, and lots of lives.

This is an important issue that needs our immediate attention, so please take five minutes to hear what America's true agent of change, and real maverick, Congressman Ron Paul. has to say about this most-important situation.


Friday, July 2, 2010

Server Not Found in the Land of the Free

Very soon, the way you and I currently use the internet will disappear forever because the Obama Administration (with voluntary cooperation with the FCC and other authorities) is planning on regulating all online content... just like China and Iran currently do. Yay! We can be like them!

Yip, it's true. Free speech is taking a back seat again, or more accurately, being locked in the trunk this time, and only authorized information will be allowed to be viewed in what we once called, the Land of the Free. All unfavorable content on websites will be blocked for your protection. Most of the bandwidth-consuming lame blogs about people's kids will still exist, but anything with alternative, or questionable content will be prohibited and unavailable.

It isn't only the Obama administration who wants to squelch your Internet before the next presidential election campaigning begins. Likewise, the GOP is in favor of ensuring that another Ron Paul-type candidate doesn't get in the public eye ever again. They barely got away with hoodwinking Americans last time and don't want to risk losing control over the party to the truth-tellers. God forbid!

He who controls the information controls the masses.

404 Server Not Found ;-(

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Rudy Awakening or Giuliani's Island

Person of the Year 2001
President Elect 2008

Earlier this week, I retired my Rudy Giuliani-Countdown to Victory 2008 calendar that has been hanging on the wall way too long.

No! I didn't support Rudy for president, and certainly wouldn't have voted for him had he received the Republican nomination. I bought the calendar for 25 cents at a second hand store sometime last year. I couldn't resist the ridiculous photos and corny slogans like, "You're in for a Rudy Awakening" - "Rudy Set Go" - "Put Rudy on Duty" and etc. I actually wish I had a calendar for all of the kooky presidential candidates... especially Romney, the flip/floppiest of them all.

Ron Paul was the only candidate out of the whole bunch that told the truth about everything, but Americans wanted a precedent, rather than a president, and set
themselves up for either an African American man, or a woman... the new thing, rather than the right thing.

Ironically, Americans got the same old thing in exchange for their votes for change. The war is being escalated, and big brother is getting bigger.

I wish Americans had done the right thing for a change... for REAL change.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

UPI Buried Paul

There are a handful of reasons why elections are flawed in the United States.

1 Too many uninformed people vote.
Remember all those stupid people in Florida who accidentally voted for Pat Buchanan back in 1998?* Sure everyone has the right to vote, but apparently, most people are not responsible enough to make good decisions when it comes to slick politicians who promise them the world. Unfortunately, the masses believe their convincing demagoguery, leaving those of us who vote responsibly outnumbered at the polls. Rather than paying attention to what a politician actually stands for, most people are more concerned with:
a- how the candidate looks
b- political labels/state color (gang mentality)
c- who their union supports

2 Unfortunately, vote fraud does exist here in what we like to call the
land of the free. Ironic isn't it? We harp about other countries having fraudulent elections, when right here at home, we allow the same kind of hood-winkery under a red white and blue banner. Patriotique!

3 Media reports were blatantly biased in this election. During the primaries, I was astounded how Ron Paul's news and support were intentionally ignored, even though he was getting more votes than both Rudolf Giuliani and Fred Thompson who received an abundance of media attention. Even after Rudy and Freddy had dropped out, there was still no mention of Paul even though he had been named the winner in the debates, and had come in second place in a number of primaries. When Huckabee dropped out, the media never bothered to mention that Paul was still in the running, and behaved as though McCain had it all wrapped up. Other news was invented to keep Paul out of sight and out of America's mind. The media effectively buried Paul.

4 Americans have a team X vs. team Y mentality, which makes it easy to ignore anyone who isn't in the spotlight. This kind of narrow thinking allows the
A and B sides of the dark side to maintain control, and prevent honest politicians and third parties from receiving attention.
* And then Al Gore wanted to count every ballot (for himself) which had been discarded... "Count them again."

Monday, November 3, 2008

The Evil of Two Lessers

On the eve of this presidential election we should remember that we're not required to vote for either of the two under-qualified candidates. A vote is a terrible thing to waste, and shouldn't be thrown away on same as usual politicians who pretend to be different from their predecessors, by claiming to be mavericks, or agents of change. That's plain silly.

I had considered voting for the Libertarian candidate, Bob Barr, but I think I'll write in Ron Paul instead. He's the only mainstream candidate who told the truth about this economic mess, and even presented his plan, but unfortunately for all of us, the media ignored it. He was also the ONLY major candidate who called for an immediate withdrawal of our combat-engaged troops from around the world, and focus on issues at home.

Mr. Obama, on the other hand, wants to escalate the conflict in Afghanistan, and continue the expensive war on terror which continues to strip citizens of their rights, weigh down the economy, and creates more enemies than friends for the US.

Mr. McCain wants the same thing, even if it keeps us there for a hundred years.

Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right

Let's stop the goose-step toward dictatorship, and vote responsibly.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It's the Ecomony* Stupid!

Wow! Crash goes the stock market. Ouch.

Our borrow and spend leaders in the US have sold out our future generations to China, but I had a really good idea how to get out from under our international debts, and become a strong viable nation again. The answer is surprisingly simple, too.

Here in the good old US of A we have lots of states that we don't really need. One of them could be sold off to the Chinese to cancel our debts. Better yet, create a bidding war between China, Japan and maybe even Saudi Arabia. We could probably even turn a profit.

The most obvious state to sell would, of course, be Texas.

With the exceptions of the City of Austin, and Ron Paul, there's really nothing worth hanging on to in the Lone Star State.

With this plan, we'd not only be out from under our debts, we'd have a new neighbor too. It's good to be neighborly. Howdy neighbor!

* I
ntentionally spelled incorrectly for your amusement.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Ron Paul Revolution Will NOT be Televised

Thank You For Voting
You Have Selected

America's broken two-party system has spoken, and selected two pro-war candidates who will pretend to go eyeball to eyeball for the winner takes all title, President of the United States of America.

There were two truth tellers early on in the presidential primaries, but both were quickly silenced as the media machine distracted the frenzied onlookers. Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul both attempted to inform their respective parties, but most Americans were hypnotized by the flickering light box in their living rooms, and robotically performed their programmed voting task, "Must vote for war."

Signs of Support

One thing I found interesting about this election was visible support through bumper stickers and yard signs. Strangely, I've seen very little visible support for Republican candidate John McCain, yet there are still lots of signs and stickers endorsing Ron Paul. In fact, until recently, there was more signage for Ron Paul than everyone else combined. Now that the primaries are over, and both parties have had their conventions, the visible support for Obama is in the majority. Hillary signs and stickers started popping up a few weeks before Super Tuesday, and there were a handful of Kucinich stickers on cars around town too. I saw a total of five Romney yard signs, and a couple of bumper stickers, but Mr. Plastic was nearly as invisible as Huckabee, for whom I saw zero signage.

The Huckabee factor was incredibly successful with the
give them wool, and they''ll pull it over their own eyes tactic. As the republic-con running in second place post Super Tuesday, Huckabee successfully diverted attention away from Ron Paul... and that Mormon.

Isolation and Insulation

Americans have a Team X vs Team Y mentality, which the media exploits to make it easy to ignore everyone else. This kind of narrow thinking allows the major parties to maintain control, and prevents viable third parties from receiving equal time. It also serves to isolate the anointed candidates from the truth-telling Pauls and
Kucinichs within the Republicrat stronghold, effectively insulating the American citizens from the truth.

Water Fight

The remainder of this presidential campaign will be kind of like floating down a river on rafts. The Democrats are in their raft, the Republicans in theirs, distracted, and engaging in a water fight. They're having such a good time splashing each other that they've forgotten about the waterfall ahead. I'm attempting to paddle to shore, but the distracted party goers won't heed my warnings and won't get out of my way.

Here we go!