Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Ron Paul Revolution Will NOT be Televised

Thank You For Voting
You Have Selected

America's broken two-party system has spoken, and selected two pro-war candidates who will pretend to go eyeball to eyeball for the winner takes all title, President of the United States of America.

There were two truth tellers early on in the presidential primaries, but both were quickly silenced as the media machine distracted the frenzied onlookers. Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul both attempted to inform their respective parties, but most Americans were hypnotized by the flickering light box in their living rooms, and robotically performed their programmed voting task, "Must vote for war."

Signs of Support

One thing I found interesting about this election was visible support through bumper stickers and yard signs. Strangely, I've seen very little visible support for Republican candidate John McCain, yet there are still lots of signs and stickers endorsing Ron Paul. In fact, until recently, there was more signage for Ron Paul than everyone else combined. Now that the primaries are over, and both parties have had their conventions, the visible support for Obama is in the majority. Hillary signs and stickers started popping up a few weeks before Super Tuesday, and there were a handful of Kucinich stickers on cars around town too. I saw a total of five Romney yard signs, and a couple of bumper stickers, but Mr. Plastic was nearly as invisible as Huckabee, for whom I saw zero signage.

The Huckabee factor was incredibly successful with the
give them wool, and they''ll pull it over their own eyes tactic. As the republic-con running in second place post Super Tuesday, Huckabee successfully diverted attention away from Ron Paul... and that Mormon.

Isolation and Insulation

Americans have a Team X vs Team Y mentality, which the media exploits to make it easy to ignore everyone else. This kind of narrow thinking allows the major parties to maintain control, and prevents viable third parties from receiving equal time. It also serves to isolate the anointed candidates from the truth-telling Pauls and
Kucinichs within the Republicrat stronghold, effectively insulating the American citizens from the truth.

Water Fight

The remainder of this presidential campaign will be kind of like floating down a river on rafts. The Democrats are in their raft, the Republicans in theirs, distracted, and engaging in a water fight. They're having such a good time splashing each other that they've forgotten about the waterfall ahead. I'm attempting to paddle to shore, but the distracted party goers won't heed my warnings and won't get out of my way.

Here we go!

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Fannie & Freddie has forced the issue.

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