Tuesday, November 18, 2008

UPI Buried Paul

There are a handful of reasons why elections are flawed in the United States.

1 Too many uninformed people vote.
Remember all those stupid people in Florida who accidentally voted for Pat Buchanan back in 1998?* Sure everyone has the right to vote, but apparently, most people are not responsible enough to make good decisions when it comes to slick politicians who promise them the world. Unfortunately, the masses believe their convincing demagoguery, leaving those of us who vote responsibly outnumbered at the polls. Rather than paying attention to what a politician actually stands for, most people are more concerned with:
a- how the candidate looks
b- political labels/state color (gang mentality)
c- who their union supports

2 Unfortunately, vote fraud does exist here in what we like to call the
land of the free. Ironic isn't it? We harp about other countries having fraudulent elections, when right here at home, we allow the same kind of hood-winkery under a red white and blue banner. Patriotique!

3 Media reports were blatantly biased in this election. During the primaries, I was astounded how Ron Paul's news and support were intentionally ignored, even though he was getting more votes than both Rudolf Giuliani and Fred Thompson who received an abundance of media attention. Even after Rudy and Freddy had dropped out, there was still no mention of Paul even though he had been named the winner in the debates, and had come in second place in a number of primaries. When Huckabee dropped out, the media never bothered to mention that Paul was still in the running, and behaved as though McCain had it all wrapped up. Other news was invented to keep Paul out of sight and out of America's mind. The media effectively buried Paul.

4 Americans have a team X vs. team Y mentality, which makes it easy to ignore anyone who isn't in the spotlight. This kind of narrow thinking allows the
A and B sides of the dark side to maintain control, and prevent honest politicians and third parties from receiving attention.
* And then Al Gore wanted to count every ballot (for himself) which had been discarded... "Count them again."

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