Monday, January 30, 2012

The Christian Case for Ron Paul for President of the United States of America

The right of a person to worship without fear of persecution is important to Ron Paul who has worked to protect Americans by opposing legislation that corrodes religious liberties and has supported policies that promote personal and religious freedom. Ron Paul has fought to keep the government out of the churches, has proven to be incorruptible, and will be a good ambassador of Christianity throughout the world. Christian Americans shouldn't fear liberty, but through faith, should put liberty to the test. Vote for FAITH, vote for Ron Paul.

The current condition of the economy puts a terrible strain on American families, and Ron Paul has the best plan for getting the economy back on track. War is another terrible reality for families to deal with. Too often, soldiers with families are forced to leave their children when they're deployed. Sometimes they don't come back, or return home permanently disabled only to find that the VA is either unwilling or ill equipped to deal with their condition. Our returning soldiers deserve better than that. It's no wonder that our active military personnel have put their financial support behind Ron Paul more than all of other candidates combined. They know better than anyone what is best for military families.

Our soldiers and military families aren't the only families suffering the effects of war. Our undeclared military interventions have resulted in the deaths of more than a million innocent men women and children from our bombing campaigns and the unsanitary conditions that followed. War is the enemy of all families, everywhere, and contrary to God's will for His creation, "peace on Earth, and good will toward men." Vote for FAMILY, vote for Ron Paul.

Dr. Ron Paul has delivered thousands of babies and is in favor of reversing the Supreme Court decision on RVW. And since war, like abortion, kills thousands of innocent human beings, he promises to commit troops, only by congressional declaration, and only when all other peaceful attempts to negotiate have failed. To Ron Paul, the Christian principle of doing unto others as we would have them do unto us, applies on the international level, and we could thwart an unnecessary war with Iran by adhering to that precept. Ron Paul's good will toward mankind is honorable, and would encourage a more peaceful Earth, and facilitate the spread of Christianity throughout the world, maybe even Iran.

Contrarily, the pro-war rhetoric coming from all of the other candidates actually contributes to making the world more volatile. Iran is paying attention to the candidates' threats, and taking them seriously. As Christians, we should look at the situation from Iran's perspective. How would we react? America would consider it to be an act of war if Iran was flying drones through our airspace, threatening us with preemptive military strikes, and regime change. We shouldn't expect Iran to behave any differently than we would. I understand that sometimes war is necessary, but there is some amount of hypocrisy in claiming to be pro life while at the same time, perpetuating the same failed policies of undeclared wars that destroy so much LIFE unnecessarily.

Let us be firm in our trust of the Lord, and do unto Iran as we would have Iran do unto us. Let us be the Christian example in the world, the city on the hill, whose light projects a better way for mankind, and whose good deeds ultimately glorify God. Vote for LIFE, vote for Ron Paul

Ron Paul has been sounding the voice of warning from the watchtower for decades, and fortunately, lots of Americans are awaking to a sense of our awful situation. Ron Paul should be retiring, but he understands the dangerous situation America is in, and is willing to give us his all to protect and preserve our great nation, God bless him for his indefatigable spirit and willingness to stand for the TRUTH. America's (metaphorical) defense walls are crumbling, and Ron Paul will shore them up, and fortify them - placing watchmen on every tower. With secure borders, and our troops out of harm's way, America will be safer, and stronger. Vote for a STRONG DEFENSE, vote for Ron Paul.

Ron Paul has the best chance to defeat President Obama in November because he stands on the foundation of TRUTH and PEACE. I don't think any of the other GOP candidates' policies would find as much favor with the Lord, and would ultimately be an embarrassment to true believers, therefore we should support the one man who stands for everything a true Christian could hope for in a president. Anyone else would be impudent against Obama, and/or an inadequate choice to deal with America's problems at the most vulnerable time in our nation's history. Vote for the candidate who will defeat Obama in 2012, ELECT Ron Paul for President of the United States of America.

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