Friday, February 3, 2012

Cowboy Poetique and Ron Paul in Elko, NV

What's semi-opaque and rhymes with varmint? That'd be Mitt Romney, (his real name is Willard after all).

OK, granted. Cowboy poetry isn't for everyone, but the folks who it is for are willing to pay big buck$ to hear Marlboro-moustached men, (and sometimes women), orating about the minutest details of red-neck philosophy. One thing is sure, the annual Cowboy Poetry event generates big revenues for Elko, Nevada, and is, in reality, a dang good time.

On Thursday afternoon, lots of lucky Elko citizens had an opportunity to meet the most un-hyphenated American person in... well, America, or anywhere. Presidential candidate Ron Paul, who dropped in to encourage citizens of the Silver State to caucus for liberty this weekend.

Today, Willard, (Mitt Romney), stopped in Elko to encourage Nevadans to support the unconstitutional detention, and even assassinations of Americans without due process of law.

It's kinda interesting... The choice between three turds and a jewel seems pretty simple, but let's see how he folks in Nevada choose.

Lots of balloons

KENV News 10's Lori Gilbert interviews Wendover, UT Mayor Mark Crawford

Excited Ron Paul supporters await the Congressman's arrival.

Utah's Fox News 13 was the only Utah TV station to cover the event.

FOX News' Max Roth in 3D


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BARRICK GOLD OF ELKO, NEVADA IS AIDING AND ABETTING TERRORISM. Why has Elko, Nevada completely dumped its loyalty to America? In patronizing Barrick Gold you’re enriching Adnan Khashoggi who was involved in the Iran/Contra affair and is a major supporter of Al Qaida?*

Elko rednecks scream the loudest about avenging 9/11 yet prostrate yourselves to its main financier. Do you feel no shame? I’m calling for you all to be rounded up under the Detainee Security Act (that Dean Heller voted for) for aiding and abetting terrorism.

At the very least, why hasn't Barrick been confiscated by the U.S. government for complicity in terrorism?

* Oh, G Wimp Bush, by the way, is on the board of Barrick. Do you see how inbred both the "left" and the "right" are? How much they actually have in common.

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