Monday, February 10, 2014

Mitt - the Documentary - the OTHER Other Side

The new documentary about Mitt Romney, appropriately titled, Mitt, recently premiered at the renowned Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah and is currently available exclusively through Netflix.

Mitt imparts captivating insight from behind the scenes of America's most recent presidential campaign. Mitt is endearing and melts away Governor Romney's stuffy public persona and portrays the Republican candidate as a genuine, caring family man with only the best intentions for America. The editors did a convincing job of making Mitt Romney seem like a nice, normal, ordinary guy. 

The well filmed documentary begins with a short scene on the night of the 2012 election as a somber Romney family realizes that Mitt has lost the election and would soon have to make a concession speech. As the candidate chokes back tears, he inquires jokingly, "Does anyone have the president's phone number? ...I hadn't thought of that." 

Flash Back to 2008

Another short scene rewinds the clock back a half decade, and finds the Romneys sledding together down a snowy slope. Later on, the entire Romney clan is seen sitting comfortably in one of their many living rooms, discussing the pros and cons of a potential presidential run... the first run back in 2008.  

Less than ten minutes into the documentary we see a handful of candid clips from the 2008 campaign trail as Mitt appears in various cities to woo primary voters in key states. Polls indicate that McCain and Romney are in a virtual tie while Mitt laments how unfair it is that the media and establishment machine is taking sides by labeling him as a flip-flopper and lending credibility to McCain. A Romney victory is squelched by the revelation of Florida Governor Charlie Crist's endorsement of McCain, breaking his promise to Mitt that he'd remain neutral. Never trust a politician.

Major Edit

Suddenly, it is four years later, and with absolutely no mention or discussion about the dirty 2012 Republican Primary, we find Mitt Romney at the GOP Convention accepting the 2012 nomination for President of the United States. Did I miss something?

Caucus Raucous - the Other Other Side

Mitt is a documentary about family unity and support more than anything else, but the most historically and politically important story about Mitt Romney is the one that wasn't told in this documentary. 

The untold story is regarding the unsavory activities of Mitt's minions who performed shameful acts of thuggery to ensure that the establishment's anointed man would become the Republican presidential candidate. One must wonder how Mr. Romney's pious Mormon family feels about the bone breaking, hip dislocating, ballot stuffing, tally altering, caucus canceling, delegate displacing, rule changing and other dishonest activities that occurred in Mitt's name during the primary and at the Republican Convention. That is the documentary that Americans need to see in order to possess a proper understanding of the 2012 election, the state of politics in America and especially the corrupt leadership of Republican Party.

The Wrong Man

At the end of the  documentary, the viewer is made to feel as though America chose the wrong person to be president in 2012. Well, Americans did choose the wrong person, but the right person wasn't Mitt Romney. 

For a detailed and documented account of what REALLY happened behind the scenes during the 2012 Republican Primary, SWINDLED: How the GOP Cheated Ron Paul and  Lost Themselves the Election 
is recommended reading.

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