Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It's the Ecomony* Stupid!

Wow! Crash goes the stock market. Ouch.

Our borrow and spend leaders in the US have sold out our future generations to China, but I had a really good idea how to get out from under our international debts, and become a strong viable nation again. The answer is surprisingly simple, too.

Here in the good old US of A we have lots of states that we don't really need. One of them could be sold off to the Chinese to cancel our debts. Better yet, create a bidding war between China, Japan and maybe even Saudi Arabia. We could probably even turn a profit.

The most obvious state to sell would, of course, be Texas.

With the exceptions of the City of Austin, and Ron Paul, there's really nothing worth hanging on to in the Lone Star State.

With this plan, we'd not only be out from under our debts, we'd have a new neighbor too. It's good to be neighborly. Howdy neighbor!

* I
ntentionally spelled incorrectly for your amusement.

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