Monday, August 20, 2012

Where's Ron Paul?

While most every politician on either side of the aisle has chimed in regarding Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney's premature selection for a vice presidential running mate, the other Republican presidential candidate still in the race, Congressman Ron Paul, has yet to comment on this development, and has been harder to find than Waldo.

Romney isn't even the official Republican presidential candidate yet, nevertheless, he has boldly announced his running mate earlier than any other Republican in history. A shrewd tactic designed to pull the wool over America's eyes, effectively distracting them of the reality that Ron Paul is still a viable candidate with hundreds of loyal delegates who will never support a Romney/Ryan nomination, no matter what.

The Romney camp has been anxiously engaged in conducting vote fraud, and breaking rules, (even broken bones), to ensure that Paul's delegates are discredited and thwarted from attending the Republican Convention in Tampa, Florida later this month.

Meanwhile, Paul Ryan is being hailed as an articulate and smart politician with a plan to balance the budget in three decades. Ron Paul's plan will balance the budget in three years, a quarter century sooner than Ryan's plan, and promises to return America to what it used to be and is supposed to be... a nation of liberty and freedom. A nation that doesn't militarily or covertly meddle in the affairs of other nations, or spy on it's own citizens with thousands of surveillance drones or cyber intrusion.

One thing is sure. Ron Paul and his loyal supporters aren't going away, and will do everything in their legal power to ensure that Romney won't have an easy coronation in Tampa as the mainstream corporate owned media would have American's believe.

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Dave said...

He has a real face of confidence and the crowd to back him up in that pic!