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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Lucky Man

Here's an incomplete list of bands and musicians that I have had the opportunity to see perform live over the years, (Comedians not included). I don't remember all of them, especially lots of opening acts, but it provides a pretty good assortment and demonstrates how fortunate I have been to live in the crossroads of the West, (SLC), as well as the SF Bay Area. The list will continually be updated.

* indicates acts I have seen more than once. 

A Flock of Seaguls*
A Quantum Visionary*
Dave Alvin
Ian Anderson
Laurie Anderson*
April Wine
The Atomic Clock
The Babys
The Beach Boys
Adrian Belew
Adrian Belew Power Trio*
Belle and Sebastian
Birds Fled From Me
Black Flag
Black Sabbath*
Blitzen Trapper
David Bowie
Terry Bozzio*
Bill Bruford
California Guitar Trio*
Charlie Daniels Band
Cheap Trick
Eric Clapton*
The Clash
Col. Claypoos's Bucket of Bernie Brains
Les Claypool*
Cowboy Junkies
The Damned
Dark Seas
Dead Kennedys*
The Decemberists
Depth Charge Revolt
The Descendants
Dusty Sampson Creatures*
Electric Leaves (Ensemble)*
Emerson Lake and Palmer
The English Beat
Rachel Fannen
Fever the Ghost*
Ghost Town Refugees
The Greenhorns
Sammy Hagar
Happy Meal
Head East
Emmylou Harris
George Harrison
Allan Holdsworth
Ipso Facto*
The Irresponsibles
Jethro Tull*
Billy Joel
Denney Joints
BB King
King Crimson*
The Knitters
Kronos Quartet
LA Express
Tony Levin*
Little Ghost
Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul
Living Color
Los Lobos
Man Miracle
Ziggy Marley
Massacre Guys*
Meat Puppets*
Men at Work
Michelle Shocked
Midnight Snack*
Missing Persons
Moody Blues
Moon Cadillac
Mountain Animal Hospital*
Mystery Lights
My Pet Saddle
Stevie Nicks
Nig Heist
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
Ted Nugent
That One Guy
Oingo Boingo*
Iggy Popp
Billy Preston*
The Pretenders
John Prine
James Rabbit
The Residents*
Lee Rocker
Jackie Rocks*
Greg Rolie
Rolling Stones*
Room for a Ghost*
Todd Rundgren
The Saliva Sisters
Scissors for Lefty
Ty Segall
Tom Scott
Shaky Hands
Anushka Shankar
Ravi Shankar*
Jake Shimabukuro
Sleepy Sun*
Sonic Youth
Spell Talk
Rod Stewart
Stick Men*
Brad Stock
The Strange Boys
The Stray Cats
That One Guy
Thin Lizzy
Three Dog Night
Pat Travers Band
Trombone Shorty
The Tubes
Uriah Heap
The Vox Jaguars*
Joe Walch
Wall of Voodoo*
The Walter Martin Cult
Muddy Waters
The Who
Steve Windwood
Edgar Winter Group
Yip Yip
Neil Young
Frank Zappa*
John Zorn

If I had to pick favorites, I'd have to include Crimson, ELP, George Harrison and X, and among the worst acts were Black Sabbath, the English Beat and Thin Lizzie to name a few.

Monday, May 9, 2011

The Residents Artistique - Homer Flynn Exhibit at Johansson Projects

The Residents are an obscure, un-easy listening musickal ensemble that I've been intrigued with since the late seventies, and this Friday, I had a rare opportunity to... Meet the Residents... so to speak.

Homer Flynn is the primary conceptual artist behind the mysteriously anonymous musical ensemble known as the Residents, and many of his original pieces are currently on display at Johansson Projects, an art gallery located in Oakland California. On Friday night, Mr. Flynn attended a reception, and graciously greeted those of us who showed up. I was unexpectedly surprised to discover that another Resident, Cryptic Corporation President Hardy Fox, was also there in attendance.

Homer and Hardy chat outside Johansson Projects

Turn that smile upside down. My friend, and fellow Residents advocate, Brainphreak, was there too. Here's a 3D image of him with Homer.

What does one say about such quality weirdness? It was a blast to see some of the original pieces of so many familiar things. Among other things, album covers, stage props and sculptures were on display. And of course, Old Blue Eye himself, one of the original eyeball masks, presided over the proceedings. 

More fun than a barrel full of... moles?

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Residents in 3D at Bimbos 365 Club

I just got back from the Residents Talking Light show at Bimbo's in San Francisco, and decided to take a few minutes to assemble a handful of the 3D pictures that I took in the big city.

Last night's performance at Bimbos 365 Club marked the Residents return to their home town, their first show there in ages. The entire show was filmed in 3D, and someday, maybe the Residents will allow us to see it.

This was likely the last Residents show I'll attend since I'll be moving away to live behind the Zion Curtain soon. I will surely miss the Bay Area... and the Residents.

I stopped at the Golden Gate Bridge and took some photos alongside hundreds of tourists.
About half way between Santa Cruz and Half Moon Bay, I pulled over to take this photo.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years ReZ

Today is 1,1, 11... the first day of the new year.

2010 went out with a big bang. Two of my favorite bands played together at the beautiful and historic Fox Theater in Oakland, California.

The superintendents of the subterranean, the Residents, took the stage first, and brought their Talking Light Tour to a close.

*Lanol (Bob) shredddZ on the guitar

*Horem , (Randy) is always a snappy dresser, with a flare for style

Here's some video from the Residents' performance at the Fox Theater in Oakland.

As soon as the Residents finished their short set, stage hands got busy and before long, Primus took the stage and performed the songs from their Sailing the Seas of Cheese album in it's entirety. Les sported his newest bass, and to end the show, the boys played one of their new songs for the first time.

*Names have been encrypted to protect the cryptic.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What is the Difference Between a Duck?

While all of us are busily distracted and scrambling to perform our super-human holiday tasks, our government is hard at work sterilizing free speech in America.

A few months back, I proposed that measures would soon be taken to cleanse the internet of sites that expose the real agenda of our government. We're seeing the beginnings of that cleansing now. We all witnessed how last week the Obama Administration decided to punish WikiLeaks for telling the truth, meanwhile, Google has informed Alex Jones that his Prison Planet YouTube channel will be suspended because one of his videos features a portion of a WikiLeaked video that documents a US helicopter firing on civilians in Iraq. Looks like they're going after the big mouths first... and eventually they'll come for the rest of us who have anything to say that is contrary to the official position.

It'll be interesting to see if WikiLeaks and will be around for the next election season. Remember what happened to the Bunny Boy!!!

Look out! Quack! and this session, Lame.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Rhetro Photographique - Captain Kirk Meets the Residents

I took this photo of Captain James Tobias Kirk hanging out with the Residents way back in 1885.

I found Jim at a yard sale in Iron Mountain, MI, and paid only fifty cents for the captain and his first officer, Mr. Spock.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Coke Adds Life

Jan 6 - I've seen so many great shows this month. One of the perks that comes with living in Santa Cruz, CA, is the fact that so many wonderful musicians want to come here to play for our sophisticated, and musically elite audiences. January started with a bang... and boom, & thump when one of my all-time favorite guitarists, Alan Holdsworth, took the stage with three other all time favorites; Tony Levin and Pat Mastelotto from King Crimson, and Terry Bozzio of Zappa infamy. This was my first live Holdsworth experience so I was pretty stoked, especially considering that last time he played Santa Cruz, I missed the show because I got the day wrong. Duh! I've been lucky to see Tony Levin a handful of times over the years, both with his own band, as well as the California Guitar Trio. I saw Pat Mastelotto play with King Crimson at the Fillmore in San Francisco back in 2000, and again with the California Guitar Trio at the old beloved Palookaville... may it rest in peace. I first saw Terry Bozzio with Zappa at the Salt Palace back in 1976, then again in 1979 when UK opened for Jethro Tull at the D Event Center. The show at Kuumbwa on January 6, was blissful, and consisted of a couple hours improvisational pieces.

Jan 7 - The following night, I got to see the Vox Jaguars play at the Crepe Place in Santa Cruz. It was their first show in months, and the boys played a rousing set until 12:30 AM. Fortunately for the enthusiastic crowd, the Crepe Place allowed one last encore and TVJ's had fun with one of their favorite crowd pleasers, Metropolis. A fitting farewell tune for a band that may never play together again.

Jan 21 - Felton is only a few minutes from Sana Cruz, and that's where our whole family went to see the California Guitar Trio. Before my mom died last month, she gave us some money for Christmas, and told me to get something meaningful with it. When I heard that CGT was coming, I promptly used some of the money on four tickets for my family. Something meaningful. A night out with my family, seeing one of our favorite ensembles.

Jan 23 - Good, probably isn't the correct adjective to describe the Residents show in the Rio Theater last Saturday night. Spooky, creepy, entertaining, and even funny; the Residents' Talking Light Tour was something I won't soon forget. The Residents' simple stylish sets are always impressive. This show was no exception and exhibited masterful use of theme, lighting, depth, strobe, space, and technology to create a uniquely Residents experience that left me wanting a tall sparkling glass of Coca Cola...  

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Residents

Oh, Shit!
The Residents will be kicking off their latest tour at the Rio in Santa Cruz, California on January 23, 2010. I got my ticket.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wild Orphan

Yesterday I spent the morning shooting this video at Streetlight records. Everything went so smoothly... I don't get it. Usually I encounter one obstacle after another when making a video, but this time everything came together. Even the weather cooperated. I had been hoping for a foggy morning for the shoot, and got exactly what I asked for. Thanks fog controller, and thanks to everyone who assisted and helped with the viddy, most notably, the Vox Jaguars, KZSC Radio personality Scotty (the) K, Mason Rosenberg, Streetlight Records, Kirstannalice, and street performer #1 who didn't give her name but agreed to be in the video.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Art Rock is Alive and Well in Santa Cruz Dreamstate EP by A Quantum Visionary *****

I knew that the first CD release from A Quantum Visionary would be good.

is the title of the new CD by five of Santa Cruz's finest musicians who refer to themselves as A Quantum Visionary, and their new CD is even better than I expected it would be.

I knew that the CD would be good because over the past couple of years, this bunch has been demonstrating their unique and intense sound at various bay-area venues, surprising and shocking audiences everywhere they've played. Their catchy and intelligent songs are an eclectic blend of genres, that I can only describe as epic. Most of their works are upwards of seven minutes long, but there is never any meaningless meandering or boring jamming in their lengthy constructs. Rather, every note of their intriguing music is calculated and precisely delivered without a flaw, keeping the listener alert and engaged. Although the new CD is technically an EP, it is nearly a half-hour long and features a broad cross section of music that is consistently interesting, and occasionally challenging.

I'm fortunate to be among the first to receive a copy of the new
DREAMSTATE EP and this will certainly be the first review of AQV's snazzy new CD release which is already a classic in my own music library.

The Review

As I embark on my musical adventure, I discover that t
he first half-minute of the first song, Insensatus Insania, makes me feel like I'm listening to early King Crimson. The song progresses through a multitude of movements and verses as powerful and involved as a Homeric epic. After nearly six minutes, the heavy-hitting first piece quickly transforms into the second track, Dragnet Enigma, a piece that begins as an almost Enoesque, ambient tune that begins to feel more like the Residents are nearby as it progresses. The hesitantly-calming track terminates as the third track, Battleship of Madmen, abruptly begins. The rowdy and unruly song reels me to and fro upon the rough seas of one of AQV's longest songs that includes a fifty-second drum interlude where three of the band members participate. PTA, the fourth track, is the shortest tune, clocking in at 1:22, and seems at first to be a bit of a tribute to Keith Emerson and further demonstrates this band's versatility and broad musical scope. The last song is listed as being 11:45 long but that is a bit of a misnomer because it is actually two songs... and a bit of dead air. Dreamstate Luz Mala, a poppy song that, at one point, makes me feel like I'm listening to Asia, is actually 4:54 long and is followed by 1:16 of dead air which quietly fades into The Hypocrite, a 5:40 version of a song that has become familiar on You Tube, where an instrumental version is used in a video by Rhetro Zenberg, called, Ching - Drive to De Laveaga.

The design of this artsy disc also deserves mention. All of the impressive album art was created by AQV member,
Stefen Lazer Smith, the artist who created the now famous Vox Jaguars Cowboy. The photo, sketches and drawings on this disc are reason enough to own the CD which itself is a work of art.

In addition to the art on the CD, Stefen Lazer Smith also wrote lyrics, provided keyboards, percussion, and vocals to the DREAMSTATE EP.

Mason Rosenberg, the renowned bassist of the Vox Jaguars fame, who released a CD on Anodyne Records earlier this year, lends his mastery to this CD by contributing vocals and percussion as well as bass and production skills. He also plays guitar on the secret track, The Hypocrite.

Shane Terry plays ripping and intricate guitar without breaking a sweat. He lends his shredding skills to this CD in addition to providing backup vocals. Shane also plays bass on the secret track, The Hypocrite and helped produce the CD.

Trevor Brenchley also plays guitar, and as a lefty, provides a symmetric visual and musical balance to this unique band who's
two guitarists shred harmonically and melodically as one. Trevor also provides backup vocals and production assistance to the DREAMSTATE EP.

The newest member of the band, Greg Wesenfeld, who plays hard-hitting drums and masterful percussion has proven to be an asset to this already powerful band.

Something else that impressed me about the DREAMSTATE EP, is the fact that all of the songs were written, engineered, recorded and produced by A Quantum Visionary.


AQV is currently the most interesting musical ensemble in the greater San Francisco Bay area. I see limitless potential with this crew of talented friends who see it as their duty to make music interesting and even a bit challenging. And, you can tell that they're having a good time too.

Good going guys, and congratulations on a splendid first CD.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

In Colour - A Rhetro Zenberg Film

There are only two days left in April, and I still need to post two messages to meet my eight-posts-per-month minimum.

The Zenberg blog started out as a writing-exclusive zone, but photos soon became common here, then video made an appearance. Speaking of videos, now is the perfect time to present my latest short movie from Rhetro TV-Z.

Someone said that it looks like Les Claypool's storage shed.

In Colour is my tribute to the Residents. The spectacular music is provided by A Quantum Visionary, Santa Cruz's most interesting and intriguing new band.


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

To Be Frank - Zappa Plays Zappa in Surf City

I was so excited when I heard that the Zappa Plays Zappa show was coming to Santa Cruz, and to my favorite theater to boot... a hop, skip and a jump away at the Rio.

I've been listening to Zappa since sixth grade, and have become a bit of a connoisseur of his compositions... most* of which are quite brilliant. As a premordial Zappa fan, who could be more excited to experience an evening of live Zappa music performed by the late Mr. Zappa's own son, Dweezil, and a host of Frank Zappa alumni?

Imagine my horror when I consulted the Rio website and read the following:

V.I.P. $96.00 Reserved $ 55.50 additional fees may and most likely will apply.


OK, lets look at this rationally, in 1977, I saw Frank Zappa, THE Frank Zappa, NOT his son... THE Frank Zappa - for six dollars and fifty cents ($6.50). When you include those additional fees, this show ends up costing more than fifteen times more than the cost of seeing the bona-fide Frank Zappa. The reserved seating price isn't that much better, costing nine times what I paid in '77. What is wrong with this picture? Is Dweezil Zappa worth a hundred bucks? I think not. There are very few entertainers I would pay over fifty bucks to see. Actually none. I'm sure Dweezil is a nice enough fellow... He can't be too bad if Mr. Nice-Guy, Donny Osmond, hangs out with him. But, I have principles, and refuse to pay such a high cost to see the son of someone. I recently saw the Residents for twenty-five bucks, ($25)... THE Residents, NOT the son of a Resident, and it cost 75% less than this Zappa Play$ Zappa $how co$t$.

Across the street from the Rio Theater, is the Crepe Place, where on March 11th the Vox Jaguars will rock the house for only eight bucks ($8.00), and I know it will be as good if not better than the pricey show on the other side of Soquel Avenue tonight.

Viva le Crepe Place!

* Too often Mr. Zappa crossed over the line into tasteless potty humor, which is OK when you're in 6th grade, but... come on Frank, grow up already. Or as some would say, "Shut up and play your guitar".

** What The Frank?

Saturday, January 17, 2009

SLC PuNk Meets the MeaT puPpeTs

In the early eighties, PuNk rock was still a fairly new phenomenon and hadn't yet sold out, (or bought in), to the corporate machine that seems to condemn everything it touches to some kind of entropic doom. According to many, that's what happened to PuNk the following August.*

I don't know how the Indian Center came to be the primary venue for the early bands in Salt Lake City, but I can't imagine a better place for raucous mosh-pits to slam to the sound of the new genre. The old brick building on 1300 South had large windows
open wide, allowing fresh air to relieve the hot and sweaty moshers. The 60' x 80' theater could accommodate a substantial gathering too. The Indian Center was mainly used by the Native American community, however on occasion, a different kind of Mohawk touting tribe made use of the social center. SLC PuNks!

I had already heard lots of Black Flag before Henry Rollins joined the noisy ensemble. Jon and I wondered skeptically about Rollins addition to the band; we had seen first-hand what Steve Perry had done to Journey, plus, we could see the direction the new PuNk music was heading and it didn't look good.

Even though it was April, the weather was unseasonably cold and had even snowed. We arrived early at the Indian Center because we didn't want to miss any of the bands.
We had paid seven bucks each for the fancy yellow-green transparent tickets and wanted to make sure that we got our money's worth, (unlike my own kids, I had to work to for my money when I was their age).

There were already a couple hundred kids there. A far cry from the old days when a handful of
PuNks would show up with self mutilated hair. Now there were lots of short hairs and bald hairs running around with home-made t shirts and lots of black leather jackets. Those without the courage to cut their hair, had it PuNked up with lots of hairspray or some kind of goo. It was easy to spot the poseurs. Jon and I both still had long hair. Neither of us were into fads, and figured it was more PuNk to be different from all the conformist PuNks. We kind of stuck out and could only see two other guys with long hair in the entire Indian Center. One of them was sitting against the wall watching everyone nervously. I got the feeling that he was probably with one of the bands. Maybe even the new Black Flag guy. I was right. There he was, casually leaning against the cool brick wall, the very un-famous and young (nearly baby-faced) Henry Rollins on one of his first tours with Black Flag. I hope he had fun in SLC. I'm sure he was surprised that there were so many PuNks behind the Zion curtain.

Act One
Snot and Snowballs

The first band nearly caused a riot. Nig-Heist came out wearing only little white briefs. They seemed more interested in antagonizing the crowd than playing music. Their hair was long and flowing, like Ted Nugent wore his at the time, and that didn't go over well with the P
uNks who began spitting big lougies at the nearly naked musicians. Oddly, the band seemed to enjoy the attention. The snot was getting out of control when a large snowball just missed the drummer's head and smashed into the wall behind the band. Jon doesn't usually miss. It was cold and snowy outside, but everyone inside was sweating from the mass of people crowded together moshing chaotically. We were covered with sweat, while the band, covered with snot, played on. More snowballs began to fly in through the large open windows on the east side of the building. Rage!

Act Two
The Massacre Guys

One of Salt Lake's local and most successful old-school PuNk bands, the Massacre Guys, played next. Jon and I had been outside cooling off, but when the MG's began to play, we gathered an arsenal of snowballs which we carried inside and distributed without prejudice. The most fun ever mosh pit ensued.

Act Three
Pinochio Wants to be a Real Boy

The Meat Puppets brought some sanity back to the Indian Center. The snot supply had dried up, and no more snowballs were directed at the stage, but the floor had become slippery from a combination of snow, snot and spilled drinks, resulting in many fallen and trampled moshers. Ouch! I went to the restroom to take a leak. As I washed my hands, I realized that there was no mirror, but could see that one had previously hung on the wall above the sink. Out of the corner of my face, I noticed a Native American guy standing in the doorway keeping an eye on the restroom. I pulled a comb from my back pocket and combed my hair as if I was looking at myself in the nonexistent mirror. He liked that. When I returned to the dance floor, I met a girl who I spent the remainder of the Meat Puppets set with. We danced together for about a half hour by the time the Meat Puppets stopped playing. I could see that Jon was feeling dissed, so I left her there with her friends who swiftly wisped her away. As our friends ushered us off in different directions, our eyes met as she was swallowed up by the mass of people, never to be seen again. I was smart enough to know that she would be one of many girls, and that my best friend comes first. We went outside to cool down while throwing snowballs at passing cars. Thump!

Act Four
Name with no Anagram

Black Flag was fun to watch but it wasn't the Black Flag I knew. I was standing against the stage with Mr. Rollins directly in front of me. He was heavily tattooed, and incredibly sweaty. He wore no shirt, and little Dolphin shorts. His long stringy black hair draped over the shaven side of his head when it wasn't thrashing about. Squatting and screaming, he stood before me at less than arms length, and I was strongly impressed with the feeling that Henry Rollins was an egotistical jerk. I realized that if I reached out and pulled his leg out from under him, that he'd fall right on his arse in front of everyone. I amused myself with the notion, and fought off the impulse. I did pull out some hairs on his legs though. He didn't like that, and offered a bit of a sissy-kick and a glare, before retreating a half-step, out of my reach. It was the beginning of the end of an era. Black Flag - Kills
PuNk Dead!

A Quarter Century Later
PuNk is dead, but the Meat Puppets live on. Not many bands have the staying power of this trio from Arizona. I hadn't seen the Pinocchio brothers in nearly three decades, but a hat-full of hours ago, I had the opportunity to see the Meat Puppets live in my own town, in my favorite local theater. The Meat Puppets I saw all those years ago in the Indian Center appear to have become real boys... actually men now... old men. Nevertheless, the well weathered remnant of an age long gone demonstrated their craft with skill and professionalism as they presented their two-hour show at the Rio Theater in Santa Cruz. The Brothers Kirkwood expressed their kindred familiarity as they played a variety of multi-tempo songs ranging from Cashesque cowboy rythms to psychedelia. I was impressed by Curt Kirkwood's exclusive usage of an acoustic guitar throughout the show. It reminded me how versatile the acoustic guitar really is and how much fun I used to have playing mine through effect pedals to achieve unique** sounds.

The audience at the Rio Last night was much tamer and respectful than the snot hucking snowball chucking juveniles that attended the Meat Puppets show twenty eight years ago. I'm glad the Rio didn't get trashed. There was no stage diving and no mosh pit at last night's show either. In fact, there were only two moshers who gave it a go during the opening act.***

*MTV launched on August 1, 1981. About that same time, I attempted to start a
PuNk is Dead campaign, but it didn't catch on.

** One of my favorite acoustic guitar sounds was created by holding the inner wire of a broken E string with needle-nose pliers and applying tension while laying it across a pickup. The tension in the string causes the outer wire to uncoil, making a nifty whirring sound.

*** Shaky Hands from Portland Oregon played an enthusiastic set, but I was disappointed that our favorite local band, the Vox Jaguars, didn't open the show. I assumed they would since they share the same recording label with the Meat Puppets (Anodyne).

PuNk isn't what it used to be

Thursday, January 8, 2009

My iTunes Top 50 - 2008

iT's been nearly a year since I posted my first iTunes top 25 list. This year I'm expanding the list to the top 50 most played songs of 2008. My iTunes library contains about three thousand songs now, and I usually, (but not always), play iTunes on the shuffle setting, therefore the following winners are mainly the selections which the computer has chosen to play most often. And as it turns out, the computer has pretty good taste.
1 Streaming in first place with 222 plays, is KZSC Santa Cruz. This excellent local listener sponsored radio station moves up from third place with an excess of a hundred views more than the second place winner. I usually tune in to Platterpus Rising on Tuesday mornings and Here There and Everywhere Thursday mornings. Congratulations KZSC.

2 In second place, moving up from fourth place with 99 plays, is another listener sponsored radio station, WORT in Madison, Wisconsin. Thanks to streaming technology, I can keep in touch with my favorite Wisconsin city and former home.
3 In third place with 90 plays, local Santa Cruz radio station KSCO who came in first place on the previous top list. Unfortunately KSCO stopped their live stream service about half way through the year, otherwise they would have come in first place again. Sorry KSCO. You blew it! Still, third place is not bad.
###-Title-@@@-Artist-@@@-Album-&&&&-Play Count

Metropolis - The Vox Jaguars - Good as Gone - 87
5 Crazy Little Thing - Captain Beefheart - Spotlight Kid - 756 Brazil - Geoff Muldaur - Brazil (soundtrack) - 73
Frail - The Vox Jaguars - Good as Gone - 728 Send in the Clown - The Simpsons - Songs in the key of Springfield - 71
Dust - Adrian Belew - Dust- 7010 Totally Wired - The Fall - 50,000 Fans Can't Be Wrong - 6911 Frame by Frame - King Crimson - B'BOOM - 6712 Kaw-Liga - The Residents - Stars and Hank Forever - 65
Angela (Theme from Taxi) - Bob James - Man on the Moon - 6414 I Will Survive - Tony Clifton - Man on the Moon - 62
Click Clack - Captain Beefheart - The Spotlight Kid/Clear Spot - 61
On the Beach Goes the Crimson King - Adrian Belew - Dust - 60
Greensleeves - California Guitar Trio - A Christmas Album - 59
Chase - Ravi Shankar - Tana Mana - 58
And She Was - The Talking Heads - 12 x 12 OriginalRemix - 57
Coconut - Harry Nilsson - Personal Best - 56
The Robots - Kraftwerk - The Man Machine - 55
I'm So Bored with the USA - The Clash - The Clash - 54
KUER - Public Radio - Salt Lake City - 53
Sheep - Les Claypool's Frog Brigade - Live Frogs: Set 2 - 51
Good as Gone - The Vox Jaguars - Good as Gone - 50

Trigger Hippy - Morcheeba - Who Can You Trust? - 48
Onward - Yes - Tormato - 47
Marble Hearts - Master Mason - Lektron - 45
Number One - The Rutles - The Rutles - 44
30* KRCL - Community Radio - Salt Lake City - 43
Men in Helicopters - Adrian Belew - Side Three - 39
MTV Get Off the Air - Dead Kennedys - Frankenchrist - 38
Look Into the Future - Journey - Look Into the Future - 37
One time - Adrian Belew - Dust - 35
21st Century Schizoid Man - April Wine - Classic Masters - 33
Sinister Exaggerator - Primus - Miscellaneous Debris - 31
Swagger - The Vox Jaguars - Good as Gone - 30
Big Blue Sun - Adrian Belew - Dust - 29
Smithers Jones - The Jam - Setting Sons - 28
Level Five - King Crimson - Level Five - 27
Dinosaur - Adrian Belew - Side Four (Live) - 26
Goodbye Blue Sky - Various Artists - Back Against the Wall - 25
Harvest Moon - Neil Young - Harvest Moon - 24
Picnic in the Jungle - Snakefinger - Chewing Hides the Sound - 23
The Court of the Crimson King - Asia - Fantasia Live in Tokyo - 21
Anna - George Martin - Beatle Girls - 20
Fire at Midnight - Jethro Tull - Christmas Album - 19
Heroes - King Crimson - Heavy ConstruKtion - 18
Mother Nature's Son - Harry Nilsson - Harry - 17
Christmas is the Time - Kids of Widney High - Lets Get Busy - 15

The most represented artist on the list is Adrian Belew with three songs in the top 25 and another six in the top 50. Three of them are King Crimson pieces and feature Mr. Belew on guitar and vocals. Congrats Ade!

The second most represented act is the Vox Jaguars with a total of five positions on the list. Their song, Metropolis, comes in on the top of the
songs list in position #4, and another Vox Jaguars song, Frail, at position #7 comes in on the top ten list. They hold three positions on the top 25 list and another two positions on the top 50.
In position #28, Marble Hearts, by Vox Jaguars' Master bassist, Mason, is an electronique version of the Vox Jaguars song.

* KRCL changed their streaming address, therefore its position on the list is not representative of actual plays of this fine station streaming from the City of Salt. Otherwise, KRCL would have been in the top three. Better luck next year KRCL!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Parowan Gap - Ancient Graffiti?

Back in the twentieth century, when I was still a college boy, my chums and I used to take trips to the mysterious Parowan Gap. A perfect party spot. I don't know why no one else ever went there. We never even saw anyone passing through the gap road which is a main route between Parowan and Cedar Valley.

The gap was probably created as receding waters from the dying Lake Bonneville etched a channel through the rock and mud. Now, it is an arid and desolate place in the middle of nowhere.

The Parowan Gap was once the home of Fremont Indians, as well as later Native Americans, who used the gap as a natural corridor to access shallow lake waters to the west.

The ancient Native Americans who frequented this area left their mark on the rocks. Numerous petroglyphs can be found, carved into the stone cliffs. No one can say for sure whether these symbols are to keep people out, or if they are a map or story of some kind, or simply graffiti from an ancient gang. Looks like the Residents have been here to me.

Friday, October 24, 2008

=@# - Bunny Boy Review - #@= Part 9

Not to be continuedI'm so excited because I'm finally finished with this Bunny Boy triple trilogy project. After this, I won't need to say anything about the Residents for a long time. Yay!

If you haven't heard the Residents before, the Bunny Boy probably isn't for you. The Residents require an acquired taste, as well as a fully functional sense of humour to be appreciated appropriately. The latter will get a first-timer a long way though, and everyone is a first-timer sometime.


The Residents are an anonymous collective of musicians and artisans who have been hiding in the shadows since before the war. Their
1976 song, Satisfaction, is credited as being the first* Punk single, (even though it isn't punk).

In the late seventies, the Residents associated themselves with the image of a large eyeballed tuxedo in a top-hat. A smart move. Every eye-con needs a good image for devotees to venerate.

The Residents' records have mostly been thematic and conceptual. This approach allows the Residents to re-invent themselves whenever necessary... something they've done dozens of times. They avoid personal fame by remaining anonymous, and rarely grant interviews. Their official information is misleading at best. They've done a pretty good job at staying aloof for the past three and a half decades.

Bunny Boy Feels Like the Furr-ssst Time

I've been trying to listen to the new Bunny Boy album as if it was the first time I had heard the Residents. For research, I attended a recent
live Residents performance with two people who had never seen or heard the Residents before. Their naivete was telling, and a little surprising at times. After the show, Mein Frenzel asked me, "Are they always like that?" That's actually a pretty tough question because, no, the Residents have never been like that, and yes, the Residents are always like that... nothing like you have ever seen before. Seeing the Residents is always like seeing them for the furrsst time.

This time the superintendents of the subterranean have chosen a ridiculously contrived story about a supposed former colleague of theirs whose fascination with rabbits and the coming apocalypse has driven him off the deep end. I don't think anyone really believes the tripe about the Residents good-will gesture to help their crazy friend find his brother Harvey who has supposedly, mysteriously disappeared.

To tell the story, (or confuse it further), the Residents have been showing a You Tube series of videos supposedly filmed by the Bunny Boy himself. These short movies chronicle his psychotic search for his brother Harvey. Portions of these videos were featured in their live performance as well.

The songs on the album are all short and catchy tunes that I find myself whistling as I go about my daily duties. The melodies are smart, and the snappy arrangements of deranged songs are FUN to listen to. At the live performance, the songs were presented in a different order than that of the CD. I'm not sure what that means.

Mr. Bunny Boy's video series didn't do much to convince me that the lost brother story was real and I haven't lost any sleep over Harvey's disappearance. In one of the early episodes, (2 I th
ink), the Bunny Boy plays a message on his answering machine from someone who he claims to be his brother. In one of the following episodes, we see the chord to the answering machine unplugged. You'd think he'd want to keep it plugged in in the event Harvey calls again.

In another episode, the Bunny Boy points out his first family photo. It's an old black and white picture that shows himself as a baby with his mom, and dad, (dad is a book). Among the plethora of photos of family and friends pasted on the walls of the Bunny Boy's secretum sanctorum, there are surprisingly none of his supposed brother Harvey. Likewise, when the Bunny Boy shows the family photographs from Greece, there are none of Harvey, however, the Homeric Bunny Boy is present in many of them. I suppose the case could be made that Harvey was the photographer who took the pictures, and therefore wouldn't be in any of them.

These clues lead me to think that the Bunny Boy and Harvey are a
one man show, so to speak. Apparently something happened that forever separated the Bunny Boy from his once golden guy personality. Maybe it was the recognition of his own insanity that pushed him over the edge, maybe it was eight years of the Bush Administration, maybe it isn't even real... so why am I wasting my time pondering it??? It brings to mind the Residents early film, Vileness Fats, where conjoined twins, in a jealous rage, fight to the death over a woman. The victor limps away, dragging the corpse of his conjoined brother behind him. I think the psychological equivalent happened to the Bunny Boy. Maybe not.

For some reason, insane people always find themselves mentioned in Holy Writ as some kind of messenger or messianic figure. This was true of Harvey who's fascination with Saint John's apocalyptic visions took him to all the way to the Island of Patmos** where the apostle wrote the Book of Revelation. Apparently, this is where Harvey came unglued.

The most surprising thing about the Bunny Boy album is how well it works. Who'd have thought insanity could be so artsy-fartsy and down-right fun?

EDWEENA would give The Residents Bunny Boy two thumbs up... if she had thumbs. 

* I held it in my hands, but didn't buy it when I had the chance. It's worth about a million bucks now. Maybe more?

** I was glad that it wasn't Easter Island.